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Here is the best kept secret in the world. During the 3,500 years that have passed from Moses to Christ Raoul no human being was allowed to open the Seal with which YAHWEH GOD arranged that the History of the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth should remain beyond the reach of the intelligence of the millennia; until the Day in his Prescience fixed, it is understood.

Today this Seal has been opened, and by exposing the Contents of the Hieroglyphic written by Moses to all the nations, the Intelligence of YAHWEH GOD shall be magnified to infinity, the more so because the sages and geniuses of all ages have tried to open this Seal, to read its Contents, and they were unable to do so. The more higher and inaccessible this Intelligence of YAHWEH GOD when thinking that the man to whom the glory of opening this Seal has been given to all nations is but a man with no more studies than the elementary ones natural to his time and people.

Obviously the force to be overcome by this Introduction is multiplied by that number of men who, frustrated by their inability to open the Seal of Genesis, agreed with themselves to derive this impossibility from the fact that the Biblical account of Genesis is nothing more than “a metaphor without any scientific contents”.

Human intelligence having been created to rise to the image of divine intelligence, as we read, “let us make man to our image and after our likeness”, this frustration brought to light a vision of the origin of the Universe born to drown human ignorance and keep afloat “the all-power of scientific Reason”. The fruit of this emotional duality brought to the world a cosmology without God, defensive in the first instance, and later on wary, that is to say, anti-creationist, with the aim of saving human greatness over “the death of God”.

Now, God does not lie; not in vain did He say of Himself: “I am the Truth”. So, having written in the form of Hieroglyphic the Memory of the Creation of our Universe, in the same reason of the Impossibility of penetrating its Text without counting on the Hand of its Author, and because the Impossibility is manifested in the Fall of the Science of the 20th Century in the abysses of Nazism and Stalinism, this Impossibility came to become a Promise of Opening, to be fulfilled, thanks to Christ, on a date known exclusively to God, His Author.

In short, that the Seal was to be opened and the Mystery of its Contents to come to light.

Now, the Scientific Atheism of the XIX Century having evolved towards the Cosmology of the XX Century, and the XX Century having built an artificial structure to the unreal building of its fictitious image of the Universe, in Time and Space, logically the clash between such artificial and fictitious version and the true image of the Universe, here opened, must cause sparks.

Let us say that the need to build on pseudo-scientific principles a cosmological image without any support in the structure of Reality, around that castle in the air which was the CSXX, a whole neo-pagan religion, the universities for temples and the Academy of Sciences for Vatican, came about; thus demonstrating, that any human structure aspiring to be invincible must follow the model that Christ put in life: The Catholic Church.

In their aspirations to immortality both the Third Reich and the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist Party did not hesitate to adapt the Catholic structure to their parties. The anti-creationist atheism of the CSXX was not going to be less, nor was it going to fail to bring this copy to perfection, all the more so since among its masons were the geniuses who gave birth to the Atomic Age.

God’s task in this century is not a small one.

But it is in the realm of the impossible  things that the Divine Omniscience and Omnipotence are manifested in their true infinite and eternal nature.

As for the literary aspect, I must be blamed for all the defects that this Introduction may have. Being an Introduction, it does not imply infallibility or dogma. However, its foundations having been laid by the Creator of Heaven and Earth Himself, any break with these foundations is to reopen the door to World Wars.

Over the years my thinking has grown. The original substratum remains.

The reading of this Introduction is not easy, nor is it complex; nor do I pretend to accommodate my style to the laws of commerce. So much less easy it is as pathological has been the artificial structure in which the Cosmology of the Twentieth Century shielded the Intellectual Pathology of the Atheism of the Scientific Class.

There were many geniuses who used Newton’s back as a lever towards Einstein’s Cosmological Dementia.

Overlooking the technological and scientific revolutions lived during the last two centuries, the heirs of that Cosmological System built on a Hypothesis whose greatness consists in having invented a Universe existing only in their heads, the Astronomers of our days prefer to continue working with their eyes closed to the Technological Data of Contemporary Radio Astronomy rather than compromise the future of that Wonderful Cosmological Building created in his madness by the Pro World War, Pro anti-creationist genius of the 20th Century. The result was a suicidal decision; namely, better to live under the rubble than under the weight of evidence to sign the Demolition of the Religion of 20th Century Atheism.

However, the Divine Truth is Invincible. Not at this level only, but at all levels, a lesson that the geniuses of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries should have learned by opening the pages of the books of the History of Christianity. Unfortunately they preferred to open the Book of Wars and add Two World Wars to the health and glory of Scientific Atheism and Anti-Christian Materialism, whose ideological permanence finally bears its final fruits: Global Fratricidal War.

Notwithstanding the evidences on the Biblical Truth, the scientific communities of the 20th Century preferred the freedom that comes from insanity to the Freedom that comes from Divine wisdom. Against the very foundations of the Logic of Thought they elevated the Impossibility of demonstration of a falsehood to the category of “an almighty evidence of its Veracity”. And to the Consecration of this scientific stupidity the fathers of the Atomic Age blessed War as the Natural Right of the Strong against the Weak.

The successors of those who rose against the yoke of the Church, because Her love of Truth was kind of little bit much protective, they did not hesitate to surrender their necks to the collar of the States, whom like faithful dogs they served until they led them to the war fields of the Twentieth Century. Abhorred the flesh and blood of Christ as the Banquet that nourishes the human spirit, the scientific classes, in the service of devout slavery to their political masters, chose the flesh and blood of the hundreds of millions of human beings who were sacrificed to the pathological truth of the 20th century.

Good Masters, they have fattened their Dogs and sharpened their fangs to devour hundreds of millions of human heads in this 21st Century.

From where it is seen that if dementia is not stopped in its origins, and is fed from its infancy, the Can transforms into a Dragon, and from the mouth that was expected wisdom, infernal fire comes out.

Nations treated as cattle, the Political Beast threatens us again with its Can, the World Scientific Community; hungry and thirsty for blood and human flesh the Beast has begun to spread its Shadow of Death over the Fullness of the Nations. Unable to see the Future of Life on Earth on New Foundations, the Master and his Infernal Dog have invoked Death as the gateway to the 22nd Century. The Cloud of Extinction of hundreds of millions of human beings as a measure of rebalancing the population, has begun.

But it is nothing new and nothing to be afraid of. The History of the Cosmos counts to its credit the existence of worlds without number that fell into Dust when in their dementia they believed they could contain Death by allying themselves with its Force as an instrument of survival. This is the same Horizon that dragged the World of the First Man to its Fall.

Created free, that First Human Generation wanted to make of its freedom a battle axe against God in the belief that Divine Freedom is a scissors of repression. Hating the One who gave them Life, they obtained that end known to all: “Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return”.

Such has been the Road Map that has followed the growth of Human Life on Earth from that day to ours’. The wars have been without number, the genocides have surpassed all count, the massacres surpass our imagination. The insanity of a Fratricidal World War has been our daily bread since that First Generation believed that the Freedom of the Creator is a Repressive Power that restricts, coerces and annuls the Freedom of his Creation. According to this insanity, God the Father creates his sons and daughters to devour them and feed on their flesh and blood.

The Evil Pathology in the Atheism of the 20th Century was nothing more than the transformation of the ancient demonic religions in a scientific version. The 20th Century Science slave of the Political Powers, its doctrines and ideologies threw the nations into the furnaces of the World Wars. Alienated from his Divine Origin, Man became an animal subject to the law of an Infernal Jungle that even in the world of beasts has no place.

That was the Glory of the Scientific Atheism of the 20th Century: The most powerful Instrument of Genocide and Geocide ever placed against nations in the hands of the Power of antisocial networks and political groups.

In this 21st Century the logical and natural end to which World Scientific Atheism leads is the Extinction of all life on Earth; in this Final Act the Can and its Master will elevate their nature to the Divine.

Those who cannot raise their Intelligence to the height of the Divine Creative Act, have found in the Destroying Act their true vocation, their new nature : the creation of a man in the image and likeness of Satan.

In this Introduction you will see the True Origin of our Universe and the Astrophysical Nature of its constellational Edifice. Let no one believe that God having raised Man in the Image of His Son, the end towards which the Religion of Scientific Atheism leads will be reached.

This Introduction is the beginning of the Extinction of the Scientific Atheism of the 20th Century. The Generation of the sons of God of this 21st Century we consider as Abomination and consequently we abhor the heritage of the XX Century in all its aspects and forms, as much at the level of Cosmological Sciences as at the level of Political and Historical Sciences. In the field of the former, the Data stored in the Astronomical Memory of the 21st Century rises to give it a slap and tear down that castle in the air that was the CSXX.

The Truth is this: The Dynamic Structure of our Heavens, this Firmament of the Heavens that every night opens our eyes to the immensities of its Creation, for reasons of Historical Social Barbarism men alienated from free contemplation, slaves as they are of an Animal Social System founded precisely on that Cosmological System from whose bosom all the Evils of the XX Century were born; when we study that Physical Data that Natural Astronomy serves us, we discover a Building of infinite Beauty whose Foundations open our thoughts to the Existence of a Creative Wisdom established on the limitless Omniscience of an Almighty Being whose Force has been placed at the Service of the Tree of the Sciences of the Creation of Universes, in whose Activity his Being acquires the Natural Properties that are proper to the Creator of the Cosmos: Wisdom and Omnipotence.

It is logical, then, that in the face of the “to be or not to be” of the CSXX as the Religion of Science, the astronomers of our days continue with their eyes closed to the evidences brought to light by that the New Astrophysical Data on the table. In this context my work consists of making the difficult simple and making it clear that the Light that blinds the eyes is the Light that opens the Intelligence of the human creature to the Image of the Divine Intelligence of its Creator.

The truth is that, dragged by the inertia of the ideologies of the past centuries to the abyss of the dehumanization of human reality, the scientific community still prefers to work under animal condition because of the fear that provokes to live the Freedom in the Image and Likeness of the Divine Intelligence; a Freedom that overcomes everything and faces the problems of Space and Time with the victorious consciousness of the one who has learned that Living is an Adventure, an Epic in constant and continuous advance towards a Horizon that discovers its nature as one approaches the Goal. In the words of our Creator, the Only Begotten Son, our King and Lord, our Father and Master: “Each day brings its own toil”.

I understand that having worked in this Terrain of the Creation of our Universe with the constancy of one who has dedicated his life to recreate the True Image of our Heavens and its Relationship in Space and Time with the Cosmos in which it has been created, shaped to work with simple images supported by the Natural Astronomical Data, I understand that it is necessary to start from a clear Universal Principle that leaves no room for doubt and serves as a Bridge between the CSXX and this Introduction to the CSXXI.

To satisfy this need I will say right now that this Introduction is what its title indicates “An Introduction”.

Those who open the Door do their work; it is up to those who enter to continue working and keep updating the Cosmological and Astrophysical Thought so that the New Generations may move in the coming centuries through a terrain nourished by a Tree of Creative Sciences whose Fruit lives under the Law of Life and not under the Law of Death.

Regarding the Origin of the Cosmos, establishing here the Beginning of Our Universe as a Work subsequent to the Creation of the Cosmos, and a Cosmos that was created to be the Raw Material Field from which its Creator uses for the Creation of New Universes, this Cosmological Origin took place in a Massive Transformation of astrophysical matter into cosmic energy; global energy that, being redirected into space-time energy fields, began its Return Journey into astrophysical matter.

Basically this Original Big-Bang continues to occur at the Frontiers of the Cosmos, where the cosmic energy created by the Galaxies is collected by space-time energy fields transforming energy into matter. Thus to infinity and for eternity; hence the natural Expansion ad eternum et ad infinitum of the Cosmos.

The Creation of Galaxies is an endless continuum that the Creator of the Original Big-Bang feeds by extending the Space of the Frontiers of his Creation as Time goes through Eternity.

It is no coincidence, then, that the Radio Astronomical Revolution we are living adds, and continues to add new galaxies to those already detected, and expands the frontiers of the Cosmos as this new addition opens our eyes to an Expansion alien to any Final Cosmological Contraction.

Just as Eternity, Infinity and God have no Beginning and no End: so Creation has come to Light to remain forever.

The contrary, to deny the Expansion to the Infinity of the Cosmos in the affirmation of a Contraction to begin at some point of the line of Eternity; is to indulge in science fiction; it is to return to the Age of the Fallacy of CSXX, when a Hypothesis was Law as long as its Falsity was not demonstrated. Having the Falsehood of CSXX watered the fields of the Earth during two world wars, to persist in such a Fallacy is to declare Open War against Humanity, against Life and against God.

And concluding this Prologue, the live observation of the evolution that astronomical sciences, and physical sciences in general, have undergone in these last 40 years, is a source of study of intellectual resources favorable to the construction of a clear and flawless Thought on the Natural Image that corresponds to our Heavens and our Earth. It cannot be doubted at this point in our History that the image that geological and astronomical sciences project to Humanity affects its position in front of its Civilization and its attitude towards the Universe.

To want to throw balls outside, to blame one’s own evils on a force outside one’s own system is a pathological resource that, according to the historical reality in which we currently find ourselves, does not lead anywhere, or rather, it does lead to a very precise place: the Destruction of the Human Race.

The part that the natural sciences played in the outbreak of the Second World War is a mea culpa that weighs in the air like a slab on a tomb.

The relationship between Knowledge and Behavior is a law perfectly assumed by the sciences since the most enlightened days of Ethology, not to extend too far back in time; to wonder now what part Scientific Atheism had in the World Conflicts of the 20th Century is not a key argument that serves us for the construction of the New Social Model that calls to talk.

The part of Scientific Atheism in the mental structure of the 20th Century, determinant of the great world wars, is beyond any doubt. Unless, of course, they want us all to be not only blind but also brainless.

Personally I do not believe that Evil has been conscious. But once the Consciousness has been acquired, the consequences of Freedom cannot be attributed to the Impossibility of opening a Seal that God kept closed due to a Sanctity predestined for this Century. There is, then, no Condemnation; nor is it my business to judge the Thinkers of the last centuries.

Truth is beyond judgment upon others; it is in its Nature to set free those who have lived locked in the darkness of a Silence originating in a Necessity of Universal Salvation.

Thus, I open the Door that for 3,500 years has remained closed so that men may see with the eyes of Intelligence the Glory of our Divine Creator, in the Image of whose Intelligence all Life in the Universe is created; and to the health of the Liberation of the Fullness of Nations from the forces that Ignorance born of the Fall of the First Man unleashed upon all the peoples of the Earth.

But first I will import to this Prologue some images with which to sustain the above argument about the constant Expansion of the Cosmos; Expansion that in turn highlights the thought of the Astronomy of the XXI Century about a Cosmos alien to any human measure, and slave of mathematical equations born to kill the time of its authors.

The fact that the Radio Astronomical Revolution of the end of the last quarter of the 20th Century and the first quarter of our Century reveals to us is the following: the multiplication of Cosmological Matter is a constant reality that has no End, a reality that with each passing decade affirms us in the Creation of Matter that takes place at the frontiers of the New Cosmos, a New Cosmos whose Origin is God, Father of Jesus Christ, the irruption of whose Creator Arm in the Cosmological Movement determined the present structure of Expansion through Eternity of the Galactic Clusters, thus seeding with them the Infinite Space occupied by the Old Cosmos against which, as told in the Divine History of Jesus Christ, this Uncreated God rose up to give it an End and reduce all its Matter to Dust.

In order to base the words on images I leave here the Link to the Abell Catalog of Galaxy Clusters, from the visual walk through which it is deduced that the structuring of the Cosmos in closed planned geometrical boxes, although subject to the Brownian Motion, is only a mental convenience, necessary for a pocket cartography, but in no case subject to laws born in the bosom of human measurement. Man is not the Measure of the Universe, the Measure of Creation is God, its Creator, to whose Uncreated Nature the Origin of the New Cosmos conforms. But we will return to this subject in a later chapter.

In the Section dedicated to Visual Astronomy, you have hundreds of photos classified in Astronomical Catalogs; and in the YAVE ASTROMUSEUM, Y&S Gallery “The Wonders of the Universe”, according to their Beauty.

Hubble has placed on the Internet images that are worth a thousand words each; images that offer us a spectacular description of the Expansion to the Infinite that Creation is living. Any argumentation about the Origin of this Expansion that alienates its Divine Creator as its Source leads our thinking into the abyss of a madness that, sooner or later, as it did before, will lead us again to World War.

I will repeat it once again: Man is not the measure of the Universe. We have to open our eyes to the Reality of a Universe created to the Measure of its Creator. This pathological phenomenon according to which Man believes that he can reconfigure the Universe to respond to the measure of his animal nature, is at the origin of his negative interrelation with Nature. The Polar Caps have been losing Mass since the Beginning of Geological Time; their present state is due to their consumption by the Ecosphere.

The Geological Time line does not lie nor does it want to hide any truth. No World can maintain Life on its surface indefinitely. The Cosmological System is founded on this Capital Fact. The Relationship of Matter to Space and Time is subject to a process of birth, growth and depletion.

Every Planet that is transformed by the creation of the Tree of Species into a World opens to a space of time during which its entire physical system is placed at the service of Life. But this service consumes its forces, its resources, and slowly but gradually the whole edifice erected to house Life begins to be exhausted, its edifice weakens and finally collapses. It is during this time between the Beginning and the End that Life has to rise above its Origin, look to the Heavens and launch itself into the Great Final Adventure, to seek a New Home in the Universe.

Politically and historically speaking this means that if Life is trapped in the laws of its own self-destruction, through the Division of its Forces under the interests of wild beasts that refuse to form a Universal Ontological Unity, that World will see the Tree of Nations reduced to dust and the Fruit that should give to the Heavens the Metaphysical End sought, a World lost and vanish like rotten fruit. The Epitaph can be no other: Here lies what could have been but did not want to be because they believed it could not be.

Politics, therefore, cannot alienate itself from History, Religion or Science. Unfortunately the 20th Century brought a model of alienating and alienating Politics in whose development History does not count, Religion must be eliminated and Science subjected to the interest of the Power of the Political Beast. And it was on this basis of an omnipotent, predatory and bestializing Political Power that the 20th Century was led to the Slaughter-house of the World Wars.

As the father of Ethology said: from behavior in action we deduce the roots of thought.

If anyone still believes that the World Wars were a healthy civilizing exercise then the door to World War III is open. The fact is that the Fratricidal suicide behavior of the 20th Century uncovered an intensely active pathological root in the Human Race, which affecting its intellect led to the Genocide of the World Wars. In ethological terms this affirmation was translated into the denial of the positive nature of the Information that the sciences were supplying to our Civilization. The teleonomic information supplied to the nations about the structure of the Universe being false, the behavior of the nations had, by logic, to set a course for that massive fratricidal depredation natural to the 20th Century.

Returning to the example of the driver on the road, if we manipulate the GPS that should lead him to a point and divert his route towards a precipice, the driver, basing his confidence on the veracity of the information provided, will go straight to the abyss.

From the moment that Science alienated from the Future of the 19th Century the Information on which the Christian Civilization built the Modern World, it was impossible to prevent the Fall of nations into the abyss of world wars. The fratricidal Force that the Protestant Reformation unleashed was fueled by the War of Reason against Faith. Once Scientific Atheism conquered the Universities, the Politics of the kings of the 20th Century put its foot on the accelerator. Inertia did the rest. And those forces are still active.

The World Politics of this XXI Century must correct this Evil by the Creation of a Council of the Fullness of Nations whose Universal Historical function will be to prevent the Manipulation of the Teleonomic Information on which the Behavior of the Human Being depends. But this cannot be done without causing and activating an Intellectual Revolutionary Movement that will put an end to that Alienating Policy Model that led the 20th Century to the Abyss of World Wars, and today, under different assumptions, is imposing the Dictatorship of every man for himself as a Survival Factor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Biosphere has not been created to subsist forever. You are living in a world that exists only in your heads. The process of the Depletion of the Forces of Nature has entered its final straight line. This is the phenomenon we are witnessing today. We have wasted thousands of years devouring ourselves.

Man has intervened during the Atomic Age in the process of Depletion of the Biosphere, of course.

That this Process is Irreversible, is equally taken for granted.

The vital fact is that the Geological Clock is running out of Time. In front of the Human Being, fruit of the Tree of Life on Earth, two doors open:

Our Civilization  must rise up and recover the meaning of its existence, take the last Great Leap in the Evolution of its History, and plant itself in Eternity as Creation of God, with access to unlimited Intelligence in the image and likeness of that of its Creator....

... or it may prefer to sink into the condition of the beasts and be swallowed by the Biosphere in its collapse.

The choice is before us. Everyone must open his mouth and speak out. The Creation of Man is not finished. The Formation of Man in the image and likeness of the Son of God continues its course, and the man-beast will be left behind like any other beast of the Past.

Ladies and Gentlemen, stop crying and take action. Nineteenth Century Cosmology was the Root from which all the information that drove the nations of the twentieth century mad, emerged. Enough of Left and Right, of Atheism and Materialism. The Human Genus is Man, whose Intellectual Spiritual Head is its Creator. We have been created to rise to the Nature of the sons of God and leave our Cradle, the Earth, to participate for eternity in the Life of the Universe.

The behavior that the History of our World has displayed clearly shows us that our parents suffered from a malignant intellectual pathology that prevented them from being brothers and kept them in the conditions of homicidal predatory beasts. That malignant pathology is still active. The inertia of its activity remains. The determining psychopathological etiology of the World Wars makes it clear that the Sources of Civilizing Knowledge are: Religion and Science, and the moment these two teleonomic Forces, Faith and Reason, were thrown against each other the drift of the Behavior of nations towards Mass Suicide, which the Protestant Reformation set in, active became inevitable.

Breaking this drift will be the work of this 21st Century.

Getting rid of the Beast within Man will be the Victory of Mankind to be bequeathed to the 22nd Century.

Beyond, God will decide the movements of Our World.

We have lost a time of millennia during which at this point in the History of the Human Race, had it been in our senses, we should already be traveling in the Heavens. We all know what happened and why we have not been able to pick up the thread of our Creation. Wasting time in accusations against kings, emperors and gods who built their empires on the corpses of millions of human beings, is pointless. There are the history books to close all mouths. What is certain beyond all question and dispute is that Man cannot make up without shaking hands with his Creator. In our Creator we have unlimited Intelligence to revolutionize all our concepts about Space, Matter and Energy. The Door is open, we only have to cross it, let ourselves be revolutionized by the one who is by essence Universal Revolution, and without Fear of the Future raise our heads, get rid of the animal defects and the tics of beast that our world has inherited, and get down to work.

Death is a blind force that fulfills its destiny, we cannot defeat it without God. But with God, Victory is ours.

In this Introduction to the Cosmology of the XXI Century I lay the foundations of the End of the Cosmology of the XX Century, and I put at the service of the builders of the New Cosmology the assumptions that will revolutionize the Relationship of Man with the Universe and its Creator. In reading this INTRODUCTION you will discover the True Architecture of the Biosphere and the Relationship of the Ecosphere with the Astrophysical System on which Life on Earth has depended. The impasse in which we find ourselves after the Atomic Age will not be solved by patching up and environmentalist publicity stances. The Need of Humanity to unite in a Tree of Nations, connected to a Geopolitics in which Science, History and Religion sustain Civilization during the next centuries, is beyond economic interests and ideological principles.

Death comes looking for its prey. It is its uncreated nature. We opened the door to our World Millennia ago. Every World that arises from dust must return to dust. It is the law of the Cosmos. And it is the Law of God that every World that embraces His Spirit overcomes the Destiny of Matter and remains in the Universe. This is the Covenant that was signed by Jesus Christ with his blood, and in this Century must be translated into the Creation of the Tree of the Fullness of Nations. We have been created to be eternal.

The Heavens await us, but not with the unnatural Technologies whose beginning and end is War, not with the Moral of Fratricidal War that has been devouring the human being for six millennia and continues to devastate lives in the name of ideologies, economic interests and religions incapable of lifting their eyes off the ground. God and Man, Creator and Creature, have united to give Future to this End by creating a New Beginning. Let it be so.