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Who will write the History of the first quarter of the 21st century? Have not all the events we have lived through been buried and locked up under lock and key, in collusion with the media powers? The same people who were the protagonists hid all the evidence through their control of the national and international mass media. Filthy crimes, genocides and massacres in the name of particular and global interests are buried in the trunk of state top secrets. How to force this lock and expose the shame of monarchies and governments so that the people can decide what should be done with those whose hands are stained with blood? Where are the historians? Is history a history told by criminals? What scientific nature can a history told by the losers of a conflict have? What can they tell but that their right to victory was unjustly taken away from them, that they and not those who defeated them should have risen to dictatorship after the mass slaughter of the opposition to the government that would have been theirs by historical right?

Haven't Russia and China raised a national law by which the National History will be rewritten and anyone who dares to criticize it will be condemned to death penalty?

Was not the Tupolev 145 crash of the Polish Air Force shot down by Moscow in response to Poland's desire to pay tribute to those killed by the Soviet Union in the Katyn camps, a Massacre that the Putin-Medvedev Moscow double-headed Beast wanted to bury in Russian Historical Memory by calling its existence anti-Russian capitalist propaganda? Who would have dared to bring the Muscovite Beast to international courts when before stepping on Russian soil the investigators found, as in the case of the Madrid Train Massacre, that all the expert evidence had been destroyed by the murderer? Was not the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya a warning from the Muscovite Beast to all the journalists of the world of what could happen to them if they investigated Moscow's crimes?

So when Criminals are the ones who take the Pen of History in their hands, what can be expected? What will become of the Memory of Humanity if the enemies of its Future are the ones who write its Past? And yet, what could be more natural than for the criminal to want to write the Memory of the Past in order to legitimize his own crimes to be committed in the Present by hiding the crimes of his ancestors?

It is a law of life that every Tyrant in the process of ascension must demonize anyone who opposes his process of enthronement. Universal History is a master of examples.

How then to write a History of this Quarter of the 21st Century that contains those keys that will allow historians to open the trunk in which governments and the mass media have buried the crimes of Power?

Let us begin with the fiasco of the Elysian Fields financing the World Revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini. As everyone knows, the USA displaced Paris from the arms business in the region.

In its policy of modernization of the Shah's Persia, it preferred the USA as a supplier of its army to a France that was selling it the old models of the 2nd World War.  France saw the opportunity to reverse that decision by overthrowing the Shah, which the refugee on its territory, Khomeini, promised to finance his Revolution. Paris financed the Revolution of the Islamic Beast, which once on the Shah's throne declared war on the Western World, thus making Paris the mockery of all the secret services of Europe and America.

The Beast that Paris had fed needed the atomic bomb to proclaim the Madhi that Mohammed had promised them and with which Islam would rise to power over the whole Earth; the visible sign of this Madhi would be the annihilation of the Jewish People from the face of History. And in which direction should the Iranian Beast direct its armies to get hold of the atomic bomb? The answer was clear: Pakistan. As the Madhi launched his ground offensive against the West his faithful would make their way through Afghanistan to Pakistan.

If Tehran had access to the atomic bomb it was in danger of turning into World War III, so the dog-faced enemies of the moment, Washington and Moscow, shared the task of stopping it. Washington financed Saddam Hussein's war against Iran, and Moscow invaded Afghanistan to block Iranian Islamic forces from invading Pakistan.

While the Soviet Union fought the Khomeinist revolution on Afghan soil, the US concluded a policy of friendship and defense with Rawalpindi, the capital of Pakistan. Assassinations of pro-American Pakistani presidents followed in the next decades, but the door to the atomic bomb was sealed, which is why Iran embarked on its Nuclear Program, the end of which was the creation of the atomic bomb

From that moment on, the world went to shit.  


Politics is the Science of the Administration of the natural and human resources of a territory and this territory is defined by internationally recognized and historically established borders. Any other definition of Politics as a Science is an aberration of human thought.

Let us now specify what is the natural resource and what is the human resource.

The natural resource are those means of sustenance that the land itself makes available to the population that inhabits it, and it is precisely on the basis of these own resources that Politics must refer to them; so that to establish a policy based on resources that are not one's own, let us say, subjecting the action of an agricultural country to the rules of an industrial country is, as it is understood, an aberration.

Greece was ruined by Brussels and Berlin precisely because they wanted to apply to an eminently agricultural country a policy proper to industrialized nations, causing that earthquake of misery, which Hellenic Socialism, at the orders of Berlin and Brussels, took advantage of to reach into the State Treasury, to steal until Greece was ruined, and with the treasure they stole, with the approval of Brussels and Berlin, to enjoy abroad the proceeds of their crime.

Every man should understand this simple law of the land. According to the very nature of its national territory, the policy is born of those resources, consequently the Administration has the duty to govern that abundance, to keep its production active, and profitable because of human, national and international need.

To want to globalize national policies from an idealized standard model is to drag nations to ruin, the mother of all civil wars. Needless to say, this is the philosophy of Globalism produced by the UN, and administered by the G8 on behalf of the great international families and corporations whose Power is based on the Control of Gold.

Tyranny has been known for centuries. In its ancient origin Tyranny was based on Government by Decree and its imposition by the military. Nowadays Tyranny has replaced the army by taxation.

By means of Decrees the platform is erected which will make the Tyrant a Tyrant for life, for Government by Decree is the abolition of Democracy.

Democracy is that Government by which the People submit all laws to Parliament. This is how all real democracies work: USA, France....

Government by Decree is, on the other hand, the real abolition of the People as the source of Power.

The Tyrant needed the army as an armed wing against all opposition. In the current Tyranny an army of taxes performs the function of the sword.



The Death Penalty and the Second Death

It is obvious that only the Creator has the Right and Power to destroy His Creation. No one except God has the Power to condemn to Death Penalty. In the case of the Old Testament it is HE who dictates the Law by which the Death Penalty was to be applied to the people of Israel and it was HE who decided the Destruction of the peoples on whose territories the People of Abraham would settle. YAHWEH GOD is the Creator of the Universe and it is in His Power to destroy the part that He considers opportune to lead His Work to perfection. It was on this Transcendence that the Old Testament was written. But in the New, the Perfection to which the Transcendence looked, having been reached, the Death Penalty was abolished and the Law "Thou shalt not kill" came to claim its Universal Transcendence, by which the Death Penalty returned to the Hand of God, so that all the world will be judged and the Second Death will be applied to whom it corresponds. But because of Barbarism, on the one hand, and Arian Antichristianity, on the other, the fratricidal struggle among Christians looked to the Old Testament instead of keeping to the pages of the New. The Germanic Empire absolutely rejected the New Testament and although the Roman Catholic Church opposed such a return to pre-Christ times, the German nation not only imposed its Evil Imperial Order but with the Protestant Rebellion rejected Christ in the eternal, put on the garb of the Old Testament, and declared the Death Penalty against Catholicism a Sacred Necessity without concessions to the Historical Fraternity.

Since then Christian nations invoked laws unwritten by Christ declaring the death penalty against each other in the name of God. But if War is an Abomination, what is the death penalty but an aberration by which the Creator is offended by taking from His Hand His Power over His Creation and attributing to Himself that Power, thus setting Himself up as God who raises Himself as divine against and over His fellow men?

In this, as in everything else, the Word of the King prevails: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone". It is up to us to abolish the death penalty and replace it with imprisonment until death, erasing from the Book of earthly life those who, abhorring the Law, rose up in war against their brother.

By erasing from the book of earthly life it is understood that his existence in prison will remain as one who is buried in life, deprived of all communication with the world until he is judged by God, and according to his Omniscience, the Second Death, that is, the Banishment of Creation, will be applied to him or not......



We observe in the story of the Flood components applicable to the psychology of History in general and of the people of Israel in particular. Beyond these components and the criteria presented by modern sciences on the historical or mythological veracity of the story, the children of God draw some final conclusions of eternal value. That we can summarize in an all-powerful and invincible phrase, a phrase that allows us to extract an ethical philosophy against which the very idea, that is, to discuss its nature, is a crime against Life on Earth and in the Cosmos. The phrase is written like this, it is read as it is written, and as it is read it is pronounced. It is as follows :



1º: he who makes it is an abominable creature.

2nd: he who blesses it and gathers it in his temple, WHATEVER HIS RELIGIOUS NATURE IS, is a creature of abomination.

But let us first understand from a physical point of view this Ethics in God, Creator of all Life.

We are not speaking of a King, Power, or World Organization, in the style of men, who on a whim decides that any act of War is an abomination and raises an invincible Law whereby anyone who uses War as a political means or simply as a means of execution of his hatred towards his neighbors, that anyone is destroyed without option of justification of his diabolical, hypercriminal, satanic, evil, abominable, repugnant, fratricidal conduct. Here we are speaking of a Being whose Nature has risen as the Cause of Movement in the Cosmos and the Origin of Life in the Universe. We are speaking of a Person whose Soul cannot entertain the Idea of being challenged to a warlike duel to the death by creatures whose birth is in the dust and whose existence is a litter on the ground that He can burn instantly with a simple breath of His Almighty Breath.

It is this Being, YAHWEH GOD, Lord of Moses the Hebrew, and FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST, the Power whose Word not even the galaxies can contain, and at the movement of His Arm from their bodies emerge rivers of stars that traverse the spaces following the beds that He traces in the open fields of the Cosmos and coming to fill the ocean of energy generated by Him, body which the Tree of Life opens its Seed, raises Trunk and unfolds the Branches of limitless Species until it produces to its Lord the fruit of Intelligent Life in His Image and Likeness. Image and Likeness that gathers in the Nucleus of Life and opening its Mouth cries out, exclaims :

FATHER, War is an Abomination, blessed are you for Eternity.

How could it fit this Creator of galaxy and universes, of Worlds and their peoples the Idea of descending to a battlefield to measure his Strength with beasts whose existence is a breath of time at his feet, a crawling worm!!!!! And yet it was this irredeemable madness that found a castle and a temple in that son of God, Satan by name, who like a Serpent, dressed in the habit of the German friar, messenger of the God of the gods, with the heart of his little brother, Adam, in his fist, while his blood dripped from his evil mouth, challenged YAHWEH GOD to war without quarter against his Holy Spirit.

The Law is Almighty: WAR IS AN ABOMINATION. Whoever does it, whoever rises up against his brother to the death, will be destroyed without mercy or pity.

This is the message of the Flood, Message that has come to us after hundreds of wars, civil wars, wars of extermination, of religion of races, world wars, criminal ideological wars, and we, children of God, in the Image and Likeness of Christ Jesus Of Yahweh and Zion, our Father, gather in our hands and say to the Russian Federation: Against Moscow the Judgment is firm, it shall be banished from the family of men; the children of Satan who live in it and the temple in which they gather the blessing of their lord, the Devil, shall be destroyed, and their bones cast into the dust of the river that runs through the City of Death from which Terror and War spreads over the Earth

Against Washington has God that instead of rising up in Defense of his sister Kiev he has given her over to fratricide hoping to reap profits for his war industry. Thus says the King's son to the one who dwells in the White Abode: the roof will fall on your head, if you do not come out of its walls running to defend every last inch of Ukrainian skin you and all of you inside will be crushed by the walls among those who say to each other "God does not see, God does not exist, God is a ghost."

Against London has the King who seeing coming this Genocide of the new Cain against his brother Abel you withdrew from the Family of European, saying, Your fate is not our fate, we will survive the Invasion of Europe by the Resurrected Ghost of the Soviet Union. For this my Father will tear off your Crown, throw it into the river which is your pride and you will return to the Family of European nations as a rebellious sister who begs for mercy and went from being the first to the last.

To Paris says the King's son: Your Republic is dead. You have betrayed the one you swore to defend, you have allied yourself with the one who serves Satan and seeks the Destruction of all life on Earth. You are a coward who before the cry of terror of the son of Satan and his house: "There will be NO victors and NO vanquished", you have hidden between the legs of the harlot who opened the door of the Elysian Fields for you.

On Beijing and its Neo-Empire will fall the Arm of the King with the force of a Hurricane that will lift the Forbidden City to its foundations. And if the King is not converted, the Chinese Wall will witness the Destruction of the Chinese Republic when the whole of Nature rises to carry away to the abyss the idols of Totalitarianism with origin in Satan.

We are ruled by cowards, wretches and white-collar criminals who surrender the lives of the people to the highest bidder and against whoever comes to kill his brother they turn around and say:

"It is the Law of the UN, Thou shalt NOT interfere in the Genocides of other States".

How having been born to defend Peace you have come to be the Harlot of the Warlords!!!!!

God has opened His Mouth, the King has arisen and with Him all the armies of Heaven: LET THERE BE NO PLACE FOUND ON EARTH FOR SATAN. Satan lives in his children, in his servants, in his worshippers. They are all tombs to be cast into the abyss.

This is the Word of the King, My Father, to all the children of God: You will withdraw all diplomatic bodies from the Russian Federation, not one head of Satan's armies will remain in your territory; with them will be banished the Russian church from all the confines of the nations living in the King's Land. The whole Earth belongs to the King.

Thus says the Son of the King to the children of God on Earth: You shall call all the diplomatic corps of our nations and with them all the citizens of the Atlantic Alliance, whoever remains in the territory of Satan shall die.

You shall expel all Russian citizens from the Christian nations. Neither car nor plane, neither ship nor submarine shall cross the borders of Russia: everyone who crosses that line shall be destroyed.

The Russian People banished from the Family of nations will rise up against the double-headed son of Satan and his filthy dog, they will destroy his lair by throwing to the dust the Red Square with all its monuments, his glory will be thrown into the abyss.

Therefore America if you continue to keep the Great Satanic Harlot on your soil God will withdraw His Blessing from your flag. It will be broken and will give its parts to many nations, you will be left without a State. The nations that will be born will abominate Washington as the children of the King abominate the children of Satan.



Song To the Rose of the Caribbean



I have found love on an island on the other side of the ocean,

two stars illuminate my soul and I can't kiss her eyes

her heart is a diamond that I can't embrace

and it drives me crazy


I've surrendered to love, I've been conquered by life

I want to take her by the hand and never let her go

to walk around singing for joy whispering her name night and day

and the ocean does not retreat


how powerful love is when it conquers you

how fragile the heart of the lion at the feet of his victory

I would like to fight with this sea of infinite waves

and the abyss laughs in my face


your name is poetry that lives in the clouds

a paradise to my ears, descending from the heights

in my arms resting his wings, his kisses

raining down petals at my feet


my tears rise from the rock like the waters of Moses

to save a heart that was sinking in the desert

drifting among thorns and thistles

 alone in the infinite


in the darkness a cry: My love, my life, open up to me

do not fear that I will drag you to the hell of lost passions

I am Samson's honey before I met Delilah

not even the ocean can break this spell



Is the word sealed by a Government in a Historical Treaty binding on subsequent Governments, binding their policies to the keeping of that word, with all the consequences according to the law written in that Treaty; or is the word sealed in an International Peace Treaty garbage that burns in the ovens of the changes of Governments, making those Governments, of the States they claim to represent, true Judases?

Because the Sanctity of a Treaty on World Peace is beyond any transit government, and involves the Future of the Life of the Human Race on Earth, it is established that the breaking of the Sacred Seal signed by States by transit governments is a Crime of High Treason against the signatory States.

It is understood that the Word being the Power that has given Man his rise from the condition of savage peoples to Civilization, and keeps the future of Civilization moving towards a Horizon always open to Centuries and Millennia, the Breaking of the Word upon which World Peace is guaranteed in a Public International Treaty is, concretely, a Crime of High Treason against the Honor and Glory of the Signatory States, and, in general, against the Future of the Fullness of the nations of the Human Genus.

In accordance with the gravity of this Crime against the Honor of the Signatory States, the governments that betrayed the Word of their States, sealed in an International Treaty for the sake of World Peace, must answer before their Peoples for the Crime committed, being the People who will determine the Condemnation against those governments.

According to the Budapest Memorandum, signed in 1994, the Russian Federation, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, a Treaty later joined by China and France, agreed to defend the Borders of Ukraine and keep them inviolable in response to their Sacred and Holy Act of divesting themselves of 5,000 atomic bombs, 220 armored vehicles necessary to launch them, 44 long-range bombers and 176 intercontinental missiles, in addition to the withdrawal of all military personnel attached to that Active nuclear Power.

In what was called the Balance of Power of the Cold War of the 20th century, that Act meant that the fear of Ukraine's nuclear weight shifting to one side or the other of the two plates, moving the balance towards either the Soviet Union or NATO, disappeared, and the terrible coalition against the other side that could be produced ceased to exist.

Ukraine, in order to loosen the Ice, and give a chance to World Peace, and a Future to Mankind, did the unbelievable: it undressed, dismantled its Power, imitating St. Francis the day he undressed in front of the medieval world. He placed his future at the feet of the Signatory States.

Needless to say that had he maintained his Nuclear Power and continued to develop his Military Power, it would never have occurred to the son of Satan and his diabolical Russian Court to invade a single meter of Ukraine. That he has done so tells all the nations of the Earth what is the wretched nature of that Federation in which Death has pitched his tent and its King seeks to drag the World into the infernal Thermonuclear War.

But what is at issue here is the ultimate consequences into which World Diplomacy has sunk. The question is obvious: Where is the madman who will now sign an International Treaty of any nature knowing that by turning your back you will be stabbed, and those who should be defending that Treaty will turn around and pretend to have seen nothing.

The consequence of this High Treason of the Russian Federation, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France and China against the Budapest Treaty goes beyond that Treaty. It is a High Treason of the whole world against PEACE. They have stabbed Peace in the back. We have seen many times how Peace was wounded, attacked, besieged, but never stabbed in the back to Death by the UN and the Five Giants who rule politics on Earth.

The UN because it has raised a Geopolitical Religion according to which any State that stands between Cain and Abel is a criminal State.

The Five Giant Signatories of the Budapest Treaty have stabbed Peace in the back, killing with it Democracy in America and England, and the Republic in France. That China is a Totalitarian Tyranny is no surprise to anyone. That the Russian Federation is an Absolutist Dictatorship only fools ignore.

Peace banished, buried in the fields of Ukraine, civil wars are brewing on all continents, governments have the blessing of the UN to assassinate journalists, judges and prosecutors who are detractors of their straw men in the nations, to carry out coups d'état supported by the mass media, in the image and likeness of the one Joe Biden has consummated in the USA. Macron in France, Sanchez in Spain, Kichner and his club in Argentina, and so on and so forth.

Agenda 30 planned the sacrifice of Ukraine as an engine of acceleration of the economic crises that will sign the final step in Europe from democracies to regional dictatorships. Because it was known that Donald Trump would have invoked the Budapest Treaty to deploy NATO to defend Ukraine, the Five Giants blessed the assault on Democracy by Biden and the American and world media powers.

With Peace, Democracy is dead. Since the Harlot sitting in New York and born to defend Peace has turned to War, the epitaph is written. All who rebel against the Circus of the Giant Five and their Agenda 2030 be annihilated.

Power conceives only one verse:

Shit Floats,

Democracy, Requien in pacis.



God said, For five good men I will spare all the people.

My spirit burns with fire, my thought is not consumed, for I have heard it said, "For five bad men I will bury the people in famine and ruin, misery and loneliness be their lot."

By law I have the Word of him who saying LET THERE BE LIGHT created my bones from the dust, but in anguish my soul cries out, Cursed is everyone who upholds, signs and seals that judgment against an innocent people and by the wickedness of five men condemns to banishment from the human family a people innocent of all crime.

To you who rise as gods over the nations and have decided to write the future of your burial, for the crime against the Caribbean Rose here is the Judgment that burns in the bosom of the King of Heaven, the One of whom you say is your Lord and Savior, that Christ whom you beheaded as Head of the Church and then threw the nations of Europe into the fratricidal wars of the Modern Age.

The King has the axe in his hand and with one stroke he will cut down the Tree under whose shadow you have raised your empire of death, money and ruin. The Tree of the United nations from whose dens Death dictates sentences against innocent peoples, handing them over to genocidal, abominable monsters, having returned to the 19th Century Theory of non-intervention in the struggle for the Liberty and Justice of peoples, unearthing from the cemetery of the 20th Century the Balance of Power that lit the fuse of the World Wars, you who were born to wave the flag of Peace, you have become the godfather of War, the godmother of the ruin of the nations of the 21st Century, for this reason the King of the Creation of your Father, Creator of the Universe, has written upon you this Judgment: Have no Mercy on the Harlot who sits upon the waters and from her armored chambers plans genocides, wars and pandemics; the Families who are her strength, overthrow them, let not her footprints remain upon the Earth.

And you, America, what are you doing, what are you playing at? Were you not waiting for the Blessing of the God who made you? Here it is, choose your sentence: Civil War or Uprising against the Families that have enslaved you to their empires. For your crime against the Rose of the Caribbean, condemning by five evil men an innocent people, by the five evil families who take refuge in your house and rule your United States Policy will suffer what in your intelligence you choose : Civil War or Fall of those who from the shadows rule you.

Who are you, says the King's son, to banish from the human family my people? Have you risen as Judge of the Universe after having risen against the God you bless as head of your Kingdom? Your crimes and your glory, America, are on the table; one last grain and the faithful will fall to one side or the other. Your choice is yours. Your decision will mark your salvation or your ruin. Did God not spare the people of Moses, his firstborn among the nations, and do you think he will spare you, the last to come into history?

You have in your favor that you have served the King as a Rod of iron with which God destroyed the enemies of his Kingdom. To your disadvantage you have that you have given yourself to the Anti-Christianity of Agenda 2020-2030. Do you think that in one decade you can destroy what God created for thousands of years: Man, his son?

Who are you, America, to say who creates Terror and who creates Peace? Do you no longer remember the genocide that your fathers sealed against the peoples whom you annihilated believing yourself Joshua and his armies to the conquest of a land delivered to extermination? Who are you to maintain the wickedness of your government, saying : For five wicked men we condemn the Rose of the Caribbean to banishment from the family of men?

My Father is a sun that is not consumed, his heart is an ocean of honey that is not exhausted, but in his anger he is a fire that sweeps away, behind only ashes remain on which life is never reborn. Each one chooses his sentence, the one who recants his wrong and acts according to his recognition finds mercy, but against the one who remains in his wickedness his destruction follows. What will you choose, America: Free the Rose of the Caribbean or remain in the wickedness of your rulers?



There is a question on my mind. I would like to put it on the table of the scientific community, those worshippers of statistical sciences, able to predict by theoretical calculations the number of inhabited worlds in the universe, yet unable to write down the number of beings, human and non-human, destroyed by War since the first killer, Vladimir Cain, crushed the head of his brother Zelenski Abel.

At the bottom, taking out the orphans who died of starvation, the widows who perished in absolute loneliness, the maimed who were crushed by the post-war wheels, etc., the dead to the health of Protestant Europe during the 30 Years' War was calculated at about five million creatures, not counting horses, calves, sheep, mares, birds of all species, hens, etc. etc.

The introductory question seems obvious: If we want to make an approximation of the billions of human beings that war has devoured during the last 5,700 years, we must calculate the number of wars that have taken place on the five continents of the Earth between then and the Ukrainian War.

In order to disrupt the illusion that talk of billions of human beings have been those bludgeoned to death, burned alive, impaled, riddled with bullets, massacred, endlessly tortured, poisoned, decapitated, strangled, drowned in the seas, blown up by bombs, disintegrated, buried alive, stoned to death, thrown alive to the wild beasts, eaten by their enemies in cannibal orgies, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, it is enough to remember that only in the 20th century 600 million men, women, children and old people suffered this reality. We still have 56 centuries to compute. And this without counting that the Annals of the Three Americas, Africa, Australia and Oceania are lost chronicles

The History of War on Earth keeps its record, relatively, from the days of Sumer and Akkad; that is, from the days when the Mesopotamian City States declared war on each other and drowned in the worldwide bloodbath which, in order to cleanse the memory of the world, God closed with the Flood. The wars of the Periphery of that Mesopotamian World from whose territory Civilization began to make its way back to Christ, the wars of the Asias, the Three Americas, Africa, Australia and Oceania during the approximately two thousand years from the Fall of the Kingdom of Eden to the Flood have remained buried in the memory of the Millennia. All is vague, shadows against the wall, legends of antediluvian gods and heroes, lost and conquered kingdoms, a Global Atlantis vanished under the great tsunami that brought down the Pillars of Hercules in the West and the Gates of Mesopotamia in the East.

How many hundreds of millions of creatures suffered the fate of Abel from 2700 to 2000 BC?

How many hundreds of millions of humans and animals perished by fire and iron from the days of the Sargons to those of the Caesars?

Two thousand years eating each other by the bite. The Imperial Cannibalism of War was installed in all the strata of the mind: conscious, unconscious and subconscious, creating an unstoppable force whose vulcanism no one could ever resist. What happened in the meantime in the Americas, the Asias, the Africas, the Australias and the Oceanias? How many infernal orgies did the populations of these territories celebrate from the Coming of Christ to the advent of Christopher Columbus? Are we not witnessing today the Hatred between the Africas as an existential part of their historical legacy? How many wars took place in the Africas before King John the Navigator of Portugal? How many slaughters took place among the Indian tribes of the North Americas before the May Flower deposited its first cargo on the shores of the New World? How many millions of hearts were ripped from their chests by the Mayans and the Aztecs before the Colonial Period? How many cannibal banquets did the Incas celebrate from the darkness of their origins until Pizarro destroyed their idols and religion? How many hundreds of millions of human beings were crushed by the Empires of the gods of China, Japan and India? Is it possible to write down the number of all the anonymous soldiers that the Earth mourns from Cain to Gandhi?

And are not the stomachs fed up, they want, they ask, they demand, they demand more human flesh. Are not the mouths satiated, they ask, they require, they clamor for more human blood to quench their thirst for Power, for divinity, to calm the madness that runs through their veins. This is the legacy of 5700 years of fratricidal war.

In the near memory, live, we have Ukraine and Syria; Darfur, Rwanda, Kenya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Two World Wars: muses of so many War Feats. When, when will this madness end! When will we see again in all the men and women our brothers and sisters, see in all the boys and girls our sons and daughters, in all the old people our parents? What are we doing? What are we playing at?

We have no brains, the wise men are all murderers, they wipe their hands clean, they create almighty jaws for Cain, they know that their destiny is the skull of Abel and they wipe their hands clean, they meet in Stockholm to put on their medals, the Wisdom that turned its back on them is the number one public enemy of the scientific community, they have surrendered to a new wisdom, their mother is Death, their father is Hell, they adore it, they love it, they sleep with it, what they do with their jaw is not our problem, they say to themselves, everyone is free to murder or to spare life. Their conscience is diabolical, they are servants of Satan. What did Satan answer to God when he accused him of having deceived Eve? "Man is free to decide his future, I am not guilty of having placed before his eyes good and evil". And he wanted to wipe his hands clean in such a criminal defense. Thus the murderers of Stockholm wipe their hands every year on the spittoon of Pontius Pilate.

Does anyone know the number of dead that the seas and oceans, rivers and lakes contain?

They claim to know how many planets can have life in the heavens. And even the nanoseconds that separate us from the origin of the cosmos. But if you ask them how many forests have been burned by the Monster of War, how many millions of heads of cattle, birds and reptiles have been devoured by the Fire of their Inventions, the holy men of Stockholm have only one word for PEACE : CRUCIFY IT.

Be it. The Power replies.

God has spoken and does not retract : Let there be found on Earth, as in Heaven, no place for Satan.

Turn away men, all you who love Peace and the Life of your neighbor as your own, turn away from those who love War and sow Hatred, the axe that was against the trunk is Today in the hand of him who must cut down the cursed tree of War, he will set it on fire, and cast its ashes into the Abyss.

Joy to all who love Truth, Peace and Justice, the sun of Wisdom will rain boundless Intelligence upon the whole House of the children of God. The horizon of Creative Omniscience will open to them, they will walk towards its summits, and when they set their feet on them a new horizon will open before their spirits, thus for ever and ever. For who will be able to contain in his being the Infinite Forest of the Sciences of Creation that lives in God, Creator of the Cosmos and of all that exists and lives? For this reason my being rejoices in my God, saying:



On the shore of the End of the world, my soul wept inconsolably: "Until when, my God? How many more chapters will be added to the Book of the Tragedy of the Human Race, and how much blood will be necessary to fill the inkwell in which the pen of Death will dip the pen of his Hell until bringing Man to the Epilogue of his existence on this Earth, your Creation, cursed by a mistake that no one wants to remember anymore?

How long, my God, will your nerves remain attached to the wall like a prisoner sunk in the darkness of a dungeon without an owner, forgotten somewhere, lost to the memory of men?

Have not the eyes of the stars of your heavens had their fill of watching wars, contemplating genocides, silently witnessing the parade of horrors that fill the pages of the book of the millennia? Is the Library of the Acts of the Children of the Earth a palace of terrors packed by nations. From A to Z Greatness is measured by the number of dead at the feet of the monster who wields the Rod of Forever History clothed in the same Never.

The Moon rests by day, the Sun by night, the Earth suffers night and day, until when will YOU remain at Rest? A single word is enough for you: END, to open a New Beginning, and yet the waves of Death live the apotheosis of a final in crescendo.

What do you want, how much does your Sword cost, the Rod with which you crushed the Head of the Serpent? Was not Man conceived in your Image and Likeness, Lord? Is not your Creature worthy to grasp the Axe at the foot of the cursed Tree?

Strike the trunk, my arm, cast down his body, cut down his arms, raise up roots, burn the depths of the earth in which the cursed seed found entrails; my legs shall not succumb to pain, nor my breast cease to beat air....

Lord, the soul of your Creation is confused, I look to the Heavens and marvel. YOUR Omnipotence annihilates the intelligence of Man in me; I walk on the Earth and I fall surrendered before the Force of your Wisdom, I look around me and I bow my head in confusion, is this the World you created at the Voice of "Let there be Light"? Is this the Story you had in your head when you breathed in Man "the Breath of Immortality"?

My face is a precipice where the tears of your creature's heart fall disconsolate; the winds of Death move the waves seeking to erase my Name, and they fall at my feet like lifeless ghosts. How long, Lord, shall we continue to cry "COME"?

God heard my soul, He lifted my head and opened my eyes. God in the Heights has looked at his creature, my spirit has heard him say to his Beloved Son: "Arise my Son, spread your Glory over the fullness of the nations of your Kingdom".

Immediately I saw the Son of God standing before His Throne; the Wisdom of His Father is like a Sun illuminating His Crown. And stretching out His arms He spreads around Him the whole host of Heaven.

The King, my Lord, has said to me: "My Word is in your mouth, speak, my son, what do you see?

I, opening my eyes, from the end of the world set my eyes on Spain, and I saw a mystery: A bleeding rose that never dies, and the gardener who cares for it gathers around its stem all the dung, feeding with that filth the god who dwells in it.

Seeing this the King said to me: "Son, do you see the clouds? I fill them with water, like a deluge they will discharge the water of my justice in torrents, they will hurl themselves against the dung like a wave that removes mountains and creates new coasts; cheer up that face, do not let your being be darkened, immediately the wind of the Truth of God will be like a hurricane that hurls the gardener and the dung to the depths of the abyss.

Son, tell Spain: I created you, I forged you in the fire of your Mother's Faith, from the smallest of nations I made you the greatest, and as the sword of the hero returns to its sheath, I kept you in mine, the most precious among the nations of my Kingdom, waiting to be unsheathed again and embraced by the hand of its King. The Hour has come. Spain will again be the admiration among the nations of the Earth, and I will glorify myself in my people before the heavens: do not fear, speak".

I looked again, and saw the gardener of the civil war open the gate of the cemetery, and invoking ghosts of dead tongues I heard him conjure them to defend the kingdom of the thornless rose that bleeds and does not die, home of a god in his madness challenging the God of Heaven and Earth to a duel of civil war. His madness is Satan's madness - I said to myself.

My King then said to me: If a mother gives birth to demons, what will that woman be? For this, Vascongadas, I will expose your shame to the eyes of all, the breasts that suckled the demons of your children, spreading the milk of terror throughout my people, the vagina through which they came out is the vagina of hell, your initials "PNV" will be the sacred letters of the Devil, your husband. Tell me, being Satan your father, what language will your children speak? I will give that people a choice between Life and Death, between my Crown of Life or the Crown of their mother, Satan's wife; that is why she sleeps with Crime and has given herself a gardener of Hell as a god. Because her dementia has no end, seated her throne on a mountain of dung she believes herself a god.

And you, Catalonia, mother of Hatred against my People, whom I brought out of darkness, do you not know how much this people loved me? As a son who was lost among mountains and deserted valleys that son sought me beyond sanity; they said of him that he was mad; the love for his King and God was stronger than the sanity of those who wanted to bring him to his knees at the cost of iron and fire; the Force of my love sustained him. Because he was a son of God, he speaks my Tongue, and for that reason no one understood him. Long and narrow was the road back to the Arms of his divine father. Tell me, sons of a mother whose breasts exude hatred: will not that father open his arms to that son and will not the tears of both be tears of joy? Therefore Catalonia, mother of Hatred, I will give you the choice between joining this people of mine, or sinking in the sea of Hatred with which you feed your children. You mock God, saying, "We have created a Law of Hate that shields us against the Hate with which we feed our children." Well, this is why God mocks you, making of your Masses a coven, of your Druid priests, and of your nuns priestesses of prostitution at the service of demons. God says it and that is enough: Spain is the apple of my eye, the sword that returned to the sheath hanging from my belt, I call her and she returns to my hand, and in her Liberty I will glorify myself before the nations. And you, speak and do not be silent, my son, my Word is in your mouth. Lament no more, saying "I am naked my Father"; I clothe you with the Armor of the children of God, born to be invincible. Do not say to me: "I am alone, Father", for I am with you. This is the Hour of War, this is the Hour of Final Battle; your days of punishment are over. Cheer up that face and shout Victory".

What shall I say that my soul does not feel, how shall I untie the broken knot? My immortal spirit feels powerless; What shall I say that makes sense amid this storm of echoes? My heart gathers water and distributes fire. What are you doing, children of the mud of the earth? What do you think you are playing at, creatures of the dust of the heavens?

Truth is neither bought nor sold, it is conquered.

Justice is not rented or lent, it is loved beyond riches.

Peace is not an article of barter, it is defended with life or death.

God is not a word, GOD is the WORD.

What do you think you are doing, children of the Earth? The word of Power, tongue of fire that feeds the fear of Freedom is your god, how will you outwit the future of slaves in misery towards which you are shepherded?

This is why GOD has collected the tears of his children and his Heart has been moved, because his children can no longer bear this vision of Man moving like a beast without intelligence through the jungle of the centuries towards the abyss. All, with one Voice have said: "Who but You, Lord God, can give Victory to your People? Without You there is no Life, Lord; Your Law is our Life: Cursed is the one who makes War".

What do I say: My heart is a fountain of living waters beaten by the winds that come down from the mountains of the wickedness of men. In my pain I raised my Voice against the House of my God; my soul bled from my sides, water turned into fire, honey into poison, shattered I accused the immortal gods of eating popcorn and drinking coke, sitting in the armchair of the Spectacle of Creation, enjoying the tragedy of my World.

Is not the punishment just when the Lord strikes? I was handed over to the Night; stripped of all Rights, like a wild animal left to its fate in a jungle where there is no game, my God turned his face away from me. How long, Lord?

The Almighty was moved in his heart.

"Your Hour has come, my son, enough of lamentations: arise and tell the nations: Let every knee bow before the King."

Behold the Future of Man, in Heaven as on Earth. The Law is Eternal: Cursed for Eternity will be the man who has another King than the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST.

For this reason God is going to lift the thrones of the kings of Europe; as the fruit of their robberies fall from a trouser face upwards, so shall the crimes of the crowns of this world fall to the ground; when the wind of the Spirit of God sweeps over Europe from south to north, from east to west, the head that still wears a crown shall be judged. Therefore they must destroy you, the Christian Man, and cast down your soul.

The crowns have conspired with distant countries, of old genocidal and loving terror that proceeds from dictatorship and tyranny, to extirpate from the face of the Earth the name of the people of the King of Heaven and Earth. But behold, from the beginning of time, God already arranged the birth of the one who was to bear HIS Name before all peoples: my Inheritance, his Glory, his Victory.

Go ahead, all of you, cease to mourn as those who have been abandoned in the darkness. The King is Invincible, the Glory of his Freedom is the Glory of the Freedom of the God Creator of the Cosmos and Father of Worlds. Who can stop his Arm, mow his path, dig a trap in his way?

The Wisdom of the Creator of the galaxies without number that fill the Cosmos is the Mountain upon which the King's Throne sits, the Light that shines from his Crown is the Force that makes his Arm the Arm of Y YAHWEH GOD.

What was meant to happen has happened; what was meant to happen has happened. The rain of the Regeneration of Man that God created is already beginning to fall. This is God's Work and I bow my knees before the King that HE has given to his entire creation.



What is Life, is it the quality of being alive, is it the natural property of all that lives? Is one who lives a Living One? Is one a Living One because one has Life, or is Life an external entity to the Living One himself?

Are rocks alive? They exist. But rocks are not alive. Existence is in all things. Rock and man exist. And yet no one says that the rock is alive. And the origin of the rock and of man being the same, what is it that transforms us into Living and aborts in the rock the fact of being alive?

We say that the rock is not alive because the rock has no Life. Man is alive because he has Life. Then, what makes it possible that existence can become receptacle, temple, fortress, house of this Life by which we recognize ourselves as existing but also as Living?

We exist because we think, but we do not live because we possess the Thought of the recognition of the actuality of our existence as part of all things. Rocks do not think and exist. Thought does not determine existence, but the recognition of the nature of this existence does. Our nature is in Thought

We must exist in order to think. Whence it is seen that existence is prior to Thought. Now existence does not determine the fact of being a Living. Things exist, but they are not alive. How is it then that Life has made man, who is a thing, his Being? For if in the Origin Life did not exist in all things, from Nothingness could not have arisen Life in Man. Consequently, Man and Life are two realities in themselves, which have come to be united in a single Being by an act which we call Divine.

Man had existence before God said: Let us make man in our image and after our likeness. From that moment man took a leap in the History of the Universe and became Living in the image and likeness of God.

And yet to be God's likeness in the realm of Being is meaningless. God lives in Eternity. This Likeness can only be conceived within the Relationship set forth in his Word: In our Image, that is to say, Father and Son, ergo, a son of God.

Such was the Beginning. We all know what happened afterwards. Some want to believe, others prefer to invent another answer; the effect is multiple, witness the multitude of religions that have filled the millennia. Being the nature of man the Thought, it is logical that when standing in front of the millennia and putting them in front of the Divine Answer, each brain generates its own, intimate, individual reaction. For this reaction not to take place, man would have had to lose his nature, that is, to stop being a Thinking Being.

And this is the goal that Agenda 20-30 seeks, to eliminate man's nature, to reset his being again, to rob him of his basic defining property, Thought, and reduce him to the condition of cattle, of beasts, of herds: herd immunity.

We are facing a global psychological attack with the aim of uprooting man from his nature and implanting in him a cattle type, an obedient herd following alpha males, and these endowed with the soul of Cain, as we see in the Russia vs. Ukraine Fratricide. Nobody forgets that Kiev is Moscow's big brother. Ukraine is the mother of Russia. The crime against Peace and Nature that is taking place is unspeakable; God's judgment against Russia and Moscow is written. Russia will disappear from the political map of the 21st century. Moscow will be abandoned, as a rabid bitch with mange is banished by the States that will emerge from the Fall of the Russian Federation, the city of the son of Satan, the two-headed beast, will be given to the wild beasts.

So let us return to Life.

Is not Life external to man himself, so that if he had not become a son of God he could not have been called a Living Soul?

Man existed before Life united with him. From the moment God withdrew His spirit from him, man became again a thing, another thing, like the rocks, the stones, the trees, the clouds and the earth itself, with origin and end in Space and Time. But the spirit of a child of God lives in the image and likeness of God, ergo, lives in Eternity. Whence it is seen that Life is the spirit of God, and hence God in Jesus Christ said I AM LIFE. That is to say, he who does not have his Spirit does not have Life. And Life in the Image and Likeness of the Divine Life.

And so it was, so it has been, so it continues to be. From that day the Cities fought to the death for the Power of the Empire. Brothers killed each other. The search for an ever more sophisticated weapon of destruction became the driving force behind the birth and fall of kingdoms, empires and civilizations. Bronze was followed by iron. Iron was followed by steel, steel by gunpowder, gunpowder by the atomic bomb, and the atomic bomb by thermonuclear missiles. The four beasts of Death: War, Plague, Cancer, and AIDS have dragged the nations of the Earth to the brink of the abyss, the final fall into the dust, a simple final push.

The Chronicle Foretold has followed the script paragraph by paragraph. And yet Cain is still searching for the final jawbone that will allow him to bring all nations to their knees and raise himself up as the new god and lord of the Earth.

5782 years after the Beginning of the War between the King of Hell and the King of Heaven the nations step on the engine of the War machine, they dress for total war to the teeth. Moscow's fall into the Absolute Economic and Social Crisis has opened the War against Ukraine for the exclusive purpose of making its Weapons Production Industry the ark of its salvation.

China, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, take advantage of the War by increasing their sales of Weapons, and on the way they plunge the peoples into the slavery of survival on whose social structure the Anti-Christianity of Agenda 20-30 will raise its Victory.

God is dead, now it is Man who must die.



The legend of the crown that came down from heaven was written in the Beginning in this way. He was in his garden taking care of his garden, everything was beautiful flowers, majestic trees, exotic fruits, tender, plants of many species that He watered with great care, because He was a Botanist, and He had given the names to all plants, very beautiful scientific names to flowers and trees, and likewise to all the animals of the fauna that enjoyed the wonders of his garden, the greatest of all was He, for He was a Zoologist, and He had given personal names to the families of mammals that lived in his garden, his orchard, his paradise, his Eden. He was a divine creature, the only creature in the whole garden of Eden that stood on two legs, a prodigious phenomenon shared exclusively by Them. All the animals in His garden were afraid of Them, for they had power in their mouths, for they came down from heaven to earth and disappeared, taking with them from earth to heaven the animals of their choice. But They respected Him, He said to them, "Not to John the Tiger, not to Peter the Lion, to James the Bull leave him with me, Thomas the Gorilla is my friend", and They complied with their desire. They did the same with the birds of all the families that perched on the trees of Eden, whose families man had catalogued, for man was also an Ornithologist. The birds came and perched at his feet, they slept around him, they sang for man. He was the love, lord and master of all the creatures of Eden, but also the brother and friend of all. So when They came down from heaven and conversed with man everyone was at ease. But one day...

One night He began to have dreams that woke Him up at the hour of the stars and He began to talk to the Moon. The Sun found him sad now and then. The company of Wisdom seemed not to fill his heart and he began to feel empty. He dreamed of Her. He saw Her in his dreams, but as the day dawned he was alone. So day and day and night and night and night. The emptiness grew in his being. And the man began to call upon his God. And his God listened to him. One morning, as the day dawned, he saw her. It was She, the Woman of his dreams. And he knew that his Being had reached fullness.

He and She united until they became one flesh, one being. He shone again as in the Beginning. Birds, animals, plants, trees and flowers felt that fullness. He introduced her to his friends, gave her to eat of all the fruits of his garden. And he asked her, for the love they had for each other, never to eat from the tree next to the tree of Life. Her God had told her that whoever ate of that Tree would die. Its fruit was poisonous of death. She believed him, because to her his word was the word of a child of God.

But as time went by, seeing that He liked to sit and travel through the Future of his World, while walking through Eden, She observed a very interesting detail, a phenomenon that left Her confused, and She went to communicate Her thought to Her man. Why do the little birds eat from the Tree of Death and do not die? All birds and animals eat from its fruit and all are still alive. A very crude question indeed. He just looked at her and said : Do not question the Word of my God, my God says and it is done, my God is the Truth, do you want to question his Love for us? The Word of God is God, if you doubt his Word you doubt God, your Creator. And so he closed the question.

But she continued to believe that the Prohibition contained a mystery. Whose secret she needed to understand.

The Man was merely closing his Mind to the phenomenon: why the little birds eat and He and She were going to die. There was a mystery there. The only way to solve it was to eat that fruit, walk towards him and prove to him, by feeding him, that they had eaten and were not dead, so what now?

However, the Man, as soon as he saw her eating from the fruit of the Tree of Death, would absolutely refuse to eat. So she had to approach the Man while he was traveling through Time, approach him as if he wanted nothing to do with it and feed him from her hand. Once he had eaten he would look the Man in the face and say, you see, we have eaten and we are not dead. I told you, there is mystery here.

And so it happened. Without looking at the fruit that the Woman offered him from her hand, the Man ate. Soon the taste discovered that he had eaten the fruit of a tree he had never tasted before. He looked at the Woman, saw in her eyes the smile of triumph, and his being fell to his knees, began to spasm as if the whip of a creature from hell was striking his back. His Soul melted into living waters cheeks down, dragging his Mind into the abyss into which his Crime had just dragged all Life. What have you done, Woman, he said to Her, you have opened the door to Death. Your children will kill each other, the children of the Earth will devour each other in the fire of Hatred, the peoples that will emerge from their flesh will carry the poison of Genocide in their veins, their whole existence in the centuries will write a single History: the Chronicle announced of the disappearance of all life in the dust. All the Science of the nations will follow a single path, the Search for the Ultimate Weapon with which to destroy one another. They will reduce forests and beasts to ashes; birds and all life that pupulates on the face of the earth will be sacrificed to the glory of the mightiest, and he will be swallowed up by the Death to which you have opened the door. Woman, what have you done?

The man pushed the Woman from his side. So much he loved her, so much he hated her. And both hid from each other to the wonder of all the creatures of Eden.

Yet the Man and the Woman had to face the God who united them and offered them Immortality in reward for remaining until their Return Faithful to his Word. The Crown of Life would be the fruit of Victory, Immortal Life, life in the image and likeness of Them, the children of God who from the Beginning of time descended from Heaven to Earth and ascended from Earth to Heaven in full freedom. What would they say to God? How would they justify their Crime?

She deceived me, said He.

I was deceived by that Serpent, said She.

How could they hide from God, Lord of Infinity and Eternity, Creator of the Cosmos, Spouse of Uncreating Wisdom, Father of Heaven and Earth and all they contain!

So knowing that the Word is God, and the Word is my Word, you ate, said the Lord God to the Man.

You will die, if you eat, I said to you. Therefore your sentence is firm: Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return.

Turning to the Woman, he said to her, "You will be the slave of the Man; I created you his equal. Thou hast despised my Wisdom, thou hast loved Death. Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return.

And turning his face God cursed the one who, dressed as a friar sent by the God of the gods, seduced the heart of the Woman with words of death.

The rupture between the Man and the Woman was absolute. He was moving away from Her, and She searched for a long time for a way to get closer to Him. Until, in her anger, she said to him: Man of God, how shall I conceive the son of Man who is to avenge the death of his father if you do not know me? will you rebel against your God out of contempt for me? will we not give Him Savior to the World, redeeming our sins in His Victory?

It took a long time for the Man to meet his Woman. He had to overcome that great tragedy he had committed because of Eve when he opened the Door of the World to Death. Paradise would be swept away by Hell. But She was right. We had to look to the Future. They, the children of God, brought their War to Earth and we had to answer fire with fire. The Hope of Redemption and Victory was for many Centuries, but shaking a leg is how one begins the journey.




Today we know the True History of that Tragedy, divinely by the mouth of Christ Jesus, humanly by the hand of Christ Raoul, as I have written it in THE DIVINE HISTORY OF JESUS CHRIST.