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Psychohistorical Analysis of Martin Luther's Call to Holy War against the Church


AT the crossroads of the 15th and 16th centuries the Germany born of the Fall of the Holy Roman Empire was a multitude of independent principalities under a body of even more independent princely electors; in other words, pre-Lutheran Germany was the most feudal and backward of the European nations. Spiritually and morally the behavior of the Germans of the early sixteenth century differed little or not at all from the feudal peoples of past centuries. While France, Spain, Italy and England had experienced a Renaissance of their societies, particular to each one of them (the Renaissance of Spain under the Catholic Kings should not be compared to that of France under its Crown), the Germany of Maximilian I presented to the world the face of a hundred princely robbers, gods over their territories, in which the law was fire and iron. The demarcation by territories of that pre-Lutheran Germany can be compared to that of the criminal mafias of our days or to that of the beasts of all times marking territories. Each territory-state imposed its own law and the law was common to all, the robbery and plunder of all who crossed its borders. This law was not new. Richard the Lionheart himself on his return from the Crusades was kidnapped by a German prince, and was only released for ransom at the expense of the English crown. This example says it all about the spiritual and moral quality of pre-Lutheran Germany.

Honestly speaking, from its origins the history of the German peoples was an absolute rejection of Civilization. Idolatrous, tree-worshipping peoples, they only came out of their forests, where they lived like wild beasts, when pressed by invaders from the East.

The entrance of the Roman Civilization was fought to death by the Germanic peoples and only when the superiority of arms forced them to their knees did they accept the existence of that accursed thing we call Christian Civilization.

As we are not dealing here with the History of Rome, I leave to historians the relations between Germans and Romans up to the Fall of Caesar’s Empire. This fall brought about the return of the Germans to their sacred forests.

Installed back in their world of wild freedom, they were isolated again, once more rejecting all dealings with God and Man until Charlemagne decided, by force, to bring them back to Civilization.

By hook or by crook that savage human species proved intractable. They murdered as many Apostles as dared to overthrow their idols. They were a savage people who could only be dealt with in victory.

Charlemagne did all he could to conquer them, and St. Boniface to civilize them. But that people carried in its bosom the hatred of Civilization, of Christ and of Man.

The Carolingian division of their kingdom into two nations, France and Germany, was understood by no one. The struggle between the new Cain and Abel would logically have to be declared.

With the transfer of the Imperial Crown from France to Germany the Cain within the German came to the fore. Evil for pleasure, the German wanted to make the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ his own, forcing the latter to light a Fire a Branch that was not consumed, Gregory VII.

To drastic evils, drastic measures. Born to Empire the Germanic Kings fought with fire and sword, making their Hatred felt against the Italian cities, which they devastated without mercy time after time. Milan is witness. From the genocide of entire Italian cities a Sea of blood was born, in whose blood the Germans found the pleasure of the demons, which would accompany them throughout the Second Millennium.

The Decline of the Holy German Empire was a liberation for Italy and a curse for Europe. Without a Central State to administer the Law among the regions, at a time when the struggle for the exit from Feudalism was being fought to the death, Germany made of Feudalism art and glory. The Elector Princes, both of the Curia and of the Aristocracy, became great landowners, within whose borders petty feudal lords had the blessing of their superiors to keep the people at bay: plundering, killing, raping and committing all the crimes they pleased without answering to anyone.

Against this law, whose armed head was the emperor, Gregory VII rose up. Free from the Church of God’s Law  the savage dream of the German barbarian returned from his grave to make the life of the peasant a veritable hell.

Spain, France and England had given themselves Constitutions that defended and protected their peoples. By the end of the Middle Ages, the Spain of the Catholic Monarchs had undertaken an Ecclesiastical Revolution that made its Curia independent of the feudal system and subjected it to the Papacy exclusively in things that belonged to God: “To Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

The weakness of 15th century England did not allow her Crown to undertake this ecclesiastical revolution. France had done her own in her own way.

The German Clergy of the early 16th century was Priestly in name only. But not because the Papacy had imposed that system, why should it be installed in Germany, and not in France and Spain? It was the German Aristocracy itself that granted that social status by which and in which the bishop was another outlaw, neither demon nor angel, neither pagan nor Christian; the invention can be defined as a pact between Christ and the Devil.

Not that in 15th century Italy there was a lack of that degenerated status in which the Roman bishops and their associates caused the Name of Christ to be blasphemed by their behavior. To deny this reality would be to gouge one’s eyes out. The History of the Pornocratic Papacy of the 15th Century is written. Where is he who does not know the crimes of the Borgias and the Medici Popes?

 The German Clergy translated into the perfection that curial immorality against which the whole of Europe called for Reform, perfectionism carried to the point of becoming a Pact between Christ and the Devil by which the German Curia fell in the hands of the great aristocratic families, fall against which Gregory VII fought, but to which the German bishops surrendered in the following centuries.

The cry for Reform in the Catholic Curia never came from Germany; it was never Germany’s doing. It was Italy, England, France, Czechoslovakia... who, scandalized by the Immorality of the Pontifical Curia and its Milking of the Flock of Christ, raised their voices; without any result.

To no avail. Or did they? The German Curia, owned by the sons of the Imperial Aristocracy, under the armor of that Pact between Christ and the Devil that they had pulled out of their sleeves, lived that Immorality with delight.

If the Germans had wanted a True Ecclesiastical Reform, why did not the Imperial Electors do what the Catholic Kings did in Spain?

The answer is on the tip of the lips. Because the German Aristocracy had achieved, without the famous Henry IV what the latter with all his cruelty could not: to take over the Church. The princes divided up the bishoprics among them. The German bishops became powerful feudal lords when feudalism was already outdated and the whole of Europe was moving towards the Modern World.

The Emperor was an honorary title that the great Germanic feudal landowners bought and sold to each other in order to keep the balance of power in equilibrium. The dream of Maximilian I, the grandfather of Charles V of Germany and First of Spain, to unite all Germany and put it at the head of a Modern Europe, earned him the derision of all the electors, to the point of going down in History as Maximilian the Dreamer.

The united electors were always superior in power and strength to the emperor. In the disputes between those feudal landowners the importance of the small warlords in their castles could tip the balance in favor of one or the other. The electoral landowners cultivated that orchard of criminals like a pack of wolves always ready to respond to the voice of their master.

The Rebellion, against that feudal system of united electors which served as an armor for the German Curia, in its turn dependent on that army of small warlords without morals of any kind whose business was plunder and crime, was stillborn. Among the Electors themselves envy was always present, and only if they saw that by rising up they could increase their wealth would they allow themselves to be won over to a certain Rebellion.

What one loses, others gain.

Breaking that Unity of Interests among the Electors would not be easy. To make the small Warlords rise up against their Overlords could only be conceived by a pact of transferring all the properties of the Ecclesiastic Electors into their hands. The people did not count:

“Therefore you must throw them down, strangle them, secretly or publicly slit the throats of everyone you can, ( against the peasant in revolt, said Luther to the warlords, great and small, - very Christian language indeed), and remember that nothing can be more poisonous, harmful and diabolical than a rebellious man, just as when you have to kill a rabid dog, if you do not kill him, he will kill you and the whole country with you. Stalk them, kill them, strangle them, as many as you can. And if in so doing you lose your life, blessed are you; you can never find a happier death. For you die obeying the word of God... and serving charity.” Luther's word.

A man does not speak thus of his neighbor overnight. He does not go to bed blessing right and left and get up cursing just because...

If he went to bed hating, it is only natural that he would get up cursing.

A Rebellion against the Imperial Electors, pillars of that system of degenerate corruption that had made of German Feudalism art and glory, had to count on the uprising in rebellion of those hundreds of small warlords whose livelihood was crime, plunder, rape... This Rebellion of the small German feudal landowners against the great imperial landowners demanded a Holy War, the prize of whose victory would be the distribution of all the goods of the great lords who did not join the Rebellion.

However, this Rebellion had to be supported by the people. It was necessary to move the masses away from the Church and attract them to a New Religion, and this, although established on that which was demonized, had to be alienating, and above all: to be founded on Hatred.

To achieve it or not to achieve it would be another matter. It is one thing to be inspired by this Rebellion; it is another thing to get down to work.

That there was sufficient cause to proceed to an Ecclesiastical Revolution of the Spanish type, of course.

The Pre-Lutheran German Clergy were a Total and Absolute Offense against the faith they claimed to represent.

Their lives were, from the Apostolic Priestly Christian Spirit, a miserable representation of what Christ is. Their expulsion from the Church was of necessity. And indeed, when the Shepherds lead the Flock to the abyss, it is the Secular ( Civil ) Power, since it is established by God Himself, which must arrest the shepherds and expel them from the Property of the Lord, because if the Ecclesiastical Power has as its sacred mission the good of souls, the Civil Power has as its own the good of God’s Kingdom’s Citizens. And if the first attacks the second, the clash can only be solved by imprisoning the homicidal pastors. And vice versa, if the Civil Power devotes itself to the destruction of the soul, it is the Ecclesiastical Power that must rise up to defend its Flock and following the doctrine of Gregory VII to lead the people against that Government that breaks the Law: “To Caesar the things of Caesar”, when the Caesar rises against God.

Returning to Germany. That the Italian Clergy headed by the Papacy was not willing to intervene in a National Clergy that had escaped from its hands and acted out of control of the Chief Shepherd of the Lord’s flocks, to deny this reality is going against the History of the Papacy of the XVth Century.

To remain with arms folded watching how the Italian Curial Clergy refrained from exercising its Universal Doctrinal Leadership and dedicated itself to aggrandize its Republic, surpassing in Evil and Cunning the kings of the Century, was the European daily behavior. And it is understood. But I am not the one to celebrate a Final Judgment, neither for nor against, on the Rebellion of Luther and his brethren against the Church as a bridge to the destruction of the Christian Nations on which Europe was built. To the Spirit of Intelligence belongs not the Judgment but the defense of Truth. His unworthy Servants will be judged by their Lord.

The cries for Aggiornamento of the relationship between the churches and an Adaptation of the Universal Church to the Modern Age had sounded loud and clear. Savonarola’s death was the cry that announced the victory of chaos and darkness in an Hour in which the Devil was gathering all his forces to launch them against his Enemy, Christian Europe.

Locked up in that convent, where he was dragged, according to his version, by a lightning, in a Germany where the lashes of the firmament are the daily bread, the young Luther suffered the attack of visions of Ecclesiastical Reformation, led by his person, which would raise the glory of his Germany to the Papacy; visions that he ruminated slowly, first rejecting them as inspired by the Devil, and finally accepting his impotence to overcome the temptation: either he become Pope or he would set the Church on Fire.

The frustrated lawyer who became a monk for a daily misdeed committed in every town, sleeping with a merry widow, ended up surrendering himself to his “hidden god”, his hidden god’s promise of being worshipped as a new Jesus Christ by the way.

Let’s be clear, Luther’s Rebellion was not the product of drunkenness. It was woven during those years of shock within the four walls of a monastic prison, a life for which he was not born and against which he was unable to rebel once he understood the nature of the folly he had done in becoming a monk in penance for his sin.

Martin Luther was not the first student of those times, when the endless wars between the German princes made the nation a breeding ground for widows who barely married had to put on their black veils, to be seduced by one of them. To seduce a provincial hustler, in the prime of his youth, 22 years old, who lived under her roof, where was the problem? Who was the handsome one capable of resisting that generation of merry widows crazy to remain women?

In the conscience of a country boy raised in the stricter morals of his time, falling into that web of urbanite seduction, among whose merry threads the spider of passion devoured the university students of the moment, happily trapped in the pleasures of the flesh, it was  a sin. The sea of widows devoured that fresh meat that cheerfully allowed itself to be seasoned, and, well, if sin was there, and it was, so was the confessional to wash away the sorrow. And if the sorrow was too heavy, there were the indulgences.....

The lightning bolt of guilt struck the law student Martin Luther on his way to his parents’ house! A storm among the gods of hell... Luther saw the Devil’s horns. The Devil was coming to collect his debt, yours,  Martin, sinner...

Luther panicked and had no more childish and stupid idea than to trade his soul for his life. To go into a convent.

At a time when the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores were facing a thousand dangers in the Americas, this German hero was shitting his pants for a mea culpa that thousands of young men of his own age would have wanted for themselves.

Chained to those four walls of the convent, deprived of the freedom he loved, and of the future for which he lived his adolescence and early youth, to be a lawyer, that Luther became cannon fodder in the hand of the non-human Power that accepted his contract: his life in exchange for being the receptacle of the Sacred Argument that would give legality to a World Holy War against the Catholic Church.

To dreaming with the Papacy, and he knew it as a good theologian and a better lawyer, no matter how inspiring the vision was, has no future. The Roman Curia was not in the mood for the vagaries of a schizophrenic monk who had transformed a venial sin into a Pauline revelation, who found peace with the Devil within the four walls when he accepted to be his executing arm, a surrender that he concealed in his famous phrase of having found peace in “the Faith alone”. A schizophrenic’s gap! He found peace when he accepted his Destiny: to attack to death the Catholic Church.

As Adolf discovered Hitler in the misery of a prison, Martin discovered Luther in the  loneliness of a monkish cell when he surrendered himself in the belief of being a St. George and the Church the Evil Dragon that with the flaming sword of his word would suffer his Doom, to be banished to Hell.

I say it again and again, no one who goes to bed with a heart at peace, gets up with that same heart at war.

Unless one had a dream: to be the Pope. To proceed with the Reformation that the Roman Papacy refused to bless, it was necessary to rise to the head of the Curia; and from the height of the ecclesiastical throne he would expel from the Temple all the traffickers of Indulgences.

 The program of elevation from simple tonsure to spiritual supremacy would be a long road. But he was a good student, he had a bright future as a lawyer ahead of him..... if the Devil had not crossed his path...!

Anyway, the Dream was magnificent, he was young, he had plenty time. He would develop the strategy to follow, and he would discover it in the years to come. The moral decadence in which the Papacy found itself like a pig in a mud puddle would be his key to his transfiguration into the New Jesus Christ. If Plan A did not work out, he would resort to Plan B. Win over the German Nation with this simple proclamation:

"The Church is not necessary, once consummated its work of having saved the Bible from all the storms and earthquakes that the Devil raised against the Book of God, the Catholic Church should abandon its Mission and let Faith do its Work".

This doctrine would seduce the German Beast.

Sin, and sin, and sin, and sin, and never be condemned by one’s own conscience, nor by God... the NEW GOOD NEWS coming down from Heaven.

The OLD Doctrine of God was that he who sins, and sins, and sins, and keeps on sinning ends up murdering his own Faith. This is why His Son said to the Sinner: “Go and sin no more”. The Lutheran Question proposed to judge who is stronger: Christ or the Devil? Whose strength is greater: God’s or Death's? If by one sin Death came in, by many sins how many deaths will come over?

The German People were not for this kind of philosophical daydreaming. Illiterate, reduced to slavery and misery by their bishops and princes, the NEW GOOD NEWS:

“Faith Alone absolves man of all his crimes, those committed and those to be committed, there is no need to pay a penny for priestly absolution”, it would burst the hinges of the doors of the Church and attract them all to the NEW RELIGION.

Once he had won the People, an indispensable condition for the triumph of his Rebellion, Luther would have to conquer the petty warlords, alienate them from their superior masters.  The thief is tempted with gold!  In exchange for their Rebellion he would hand over to them the property of the Bishops.

To the question: “And what do you gain?”

Luther would answer: “For you the lands, for me the souls.”

The appearance of sanctity in this answer would convince them that his Anti-Catholic Crusade was the Will of God, who, curiously, had decided to take away from the Catholic Church, -for the sin of a generation of Bishops given to prostitution against which the Lord rose up and reduced to rubble the Temple of  Jerusalem-, Hers One Thousand Five Hundred Years of Work, and to deliver the fruit of so much effort to the German Superior Race.

In his dementia the Augustinian monk, in his cell caressed that image of the NEW SAINT PAUL expelling the New Thieves from the Temple of God, destroying the Catholic Temple and building a NEW TEMPLE in which he would be worshipped as a NEW SAVIOR.

But this was not to be said, nor was the Devil going to call him “My Son”. The Hidden God was not going to take off the mask with which he presented himself and inspired him with those visions of Holy War between the sister nations, true visions, which would soon become reality, and crossing the threshold of the Thirty Years’ War would sow a Hatred between France and Germany which would last through the generations until it led to the First World War.

Luther’s 95 Theses was the final decision to take action. His inner struggle, against the fruit of his Holy War, was over. The Devil had defeated him. There would be no turning back. He could always have recanted. He was given the opportunity. But it did not do it . That he did not it shows that his Holy War was baked in the cell of that convent where the Devil besieged him until he conquered his soul.

Luther’s hope of victory was based on the knowledge of his century. The wars between the nations and the participation of the Papacy in the war of the nations opened the window through which to sneak in, enter and plunder the Church.

Ignorant of the Great Battle that Death and God were preparing to fight, the elevation of both Champions, Charles V by the King of Heaven, and Suleiman the Magnificent by the Prince of Hell, in this same year of 1520, Luther did not reflect on the true identity of his “Hidden God”. It was none other than the Devil, as will be seen in the Reply to the great measures with which he called the German warlords to his side. In the presentation of this pamphlet, Luther plays the joker and mocking the millions of human beings who for his Rebellion would be beheaded and hunted like dogs during the religious wars of the 16th and 17th century, he tells the Christian nobility of the German nation about the improvement of the Christian state, as follows:


Dr. Martin Luther:

First of all, God's grace and peace, reverend, worthy and beloved lord and friend! The time for silence is past and the time for speech has come, as Ecclesiastes says: Everything has its time, and everything that is born under the sun has its season.

According to our purpose, we have put together some fragments about the reform of the Christian state in order to propose them to the Christian nobility of the German nation, if God should wish to help his church by means of the lay state, since the ecclesiastical state, to which this corresponds with all the more reason, has completely neglected it. I refer everything to Your Reverence to judge and, if necessary, to correct it. I realize that you will not fail to reprove me for being too rash, if I, a man despised and withdrawn from the world, dare to address such high and great states in such grave and important matters, as if there were no one but Dr. Luther in the world who cares for the Christian state and advises such extraordinarily intelligent people.

I omit to apologize, let whoever will reprove me!

Perhaps, I still owe a foolishness to my God and to the world. I now resolve, if I succeed, to repay it duly and also to be a jester sometime. If I do not succeed, I have at least one advantage left: no one will need to buy me a cap, nor shave my head. The issue is who puts the bells on the other.

I must comply with the proverb: in everything the world does, a monk must not be missing, even if it is necessary to paint him.

Several times a fool spoke wisely, and on many occasions, wise people made the fool rudely, as Paul manifests: "He who wants to be wise, let him become a fool". Moreover, since I am not only a fool - but also a sworn doctor in the Holy Scriptures - I am glad to be given the opportunity to answer my oath in a foolish manner.

I beg you to excuse me before the moderately discreet, since I do not know how to deserve the favor and grace of the extraordinarily sensible, although I have so often with great earnestness longed for it. God help us not to seek our own honor, but only theirs! Amen.

Given at Wittemberg, in the Augustinian convent, on the eve of St. John the Baptist in the year 1520.


After this buffoonery with which the Hypocrite conceals his view of himself as the New Jesus Christ, and glorifies himself by lowering the Power of the Divine Champion, Charles V, whom he even threatens, and against whom he invokes not “Grace and Truth”, but “Grace and Force”; that is, he threatens him with War, in the following words:

“To the Most Serene, Most Mighty Imperial Majesty, and to the Nobility: Christian of the German Nation.

Dr. Martin Luther

First, Grace and Strength of God, Most Serene, Most Clement and Beloved Lords!!!

Immediately, having exposed the justice which according to his head vouched for his cause, the Jester jumps to expound the lines of his Holy War against the “three walls of the Temple of Christ,” behind which the Papacy had hidden, and made any ecclesiastical revolution in the German nation impossible. Great Lie as seen in the Ecclesiastical Revolution in Spain. The real enemy of the German Ecclesiastical Revolution was the Germans.

According to his understanding of lawyer turned theologian those three walls were:

1_: when one wanted to force them by the secular power, they established and manifested that the secular power had no right over them, but, on the contrary, the ecclesiastical power was above the secular.

About which it must be said that God created a Temple and a Castle. He created Church and State. And He gave to Caesar what is Caesar’s, the Civil Power, and reserved for Himself what is God’s, the Church, or Spiritual Power from which the Doctrine of the True Knowledge of the Divinity is sustained by God Himself.

That the Civil Power pretends to interfere in what belongs to God is as serious a crime as that the Priest pretends to govern the Secular State created by God for the Government of the Nations according to the Laws of His Kingdom. The power to forgive sin belongs to the Church but the power of penance for the crime belongs to the State. The Pardon for Sin and the Penalty for Crime are neither abolished nor contradictory. The Sin-Crime is absolved before God only when Justice has been fulfilled; in this Period of fulfillment the Soul is reconciled with its Creator. To make both powers fall upon the same person is to raise Satan to the throne of Christ. Consequently, as far as the Doctrine of the Church is concerned, the secular power commits a crime by wanting to interfere in what God has reserved for His Spirit, the Soul of the Priest.

If we were to say that this Wall to which the rebel refers is the Power of the King to call his servants to Judgment, and as Lord to demand responsibility for criminal acts, which must be paid according to the law that God has established for all people, that Secular Justice is over man, and since a priest becomes a criminal it corresponds to civil justice to act according to the Law, nothing could be objected to this Buffoon who dares to put his foot on the neck of the Emperor. We fear that the Rebel’s pretension was not this; his was to invest the Civil Power with the Crown of Christ, which is to be the Lord of the Church. A tremendous crime that only the Devil could be interested in and only this Schizoid Buffoon could dare to call for.

The Second Wall according to this genius of theology was the following:

2_: if one wanted to censure them by means of the Holy Scriptures, they objected to him that interpreting the Scriptures did not belong to anyone, but to the Pope.

The Hypocrisy of this Rebel Buffoon was based on the savage Ignorance of the German people of his time, in no way inferior to that of the German warlords whom from this pamphlet he called to Holy War. The exercise of consummate thieves, vocational rapists and expert criminals, the profession of these warlords made the world of belle lettres letters to cause them spelunking. Beyond their swords they knew nothing but the next belly into which they would sink the blaze.

Illiterate by birth, brutes by vocation, savages by profession, the only argument they could and did understand was “"how much, Martin, how much and what else am I going to gain by fighting for your cause.”

Had they had a finger of intelligence they would have understood the absurd fallacy they were being given to listen to. Had not the Holy Scriptures already been interpreted from A to Z by the Fathers of the Church, from St. Paul to St. Thomas, passing through Saints Augustine, Ambrose, Gregory, etc.?

The Role of the Papacy before the Holy Scriptures is not to Interpret them, but to Preserve their Interpretation, already written by the Holy Spirit, from anti-Christian reinterpretations. The History of the Church is replete with heretical interpretations against which the councils were made.

 In the field of Interpretation what is left to the Papacy refers to its Relationship as Chief Shepherd with those shepherds of the Doctrine. The councils were not born to remove and put Bishop of Rome. The mission of the councils is spiritual. And as such they have as their direction the Dogmatic Preservation of the Apostolic Doctrine.  So when the German Jester says against his third wall that:

3_when one threatened them with a council, they invented that no one can convoke a council but the Pope.

In saying this, he is telling a falsehood. The author hides his true purpose. He was born to be a lawyer. He knew the technique of ambiguity and distortion of speech. What did he intend by requesting a council : to overthrow the Pope or to overthrow the Doctrine of the Catholic Church?

A Universal Council must have a Soul and be invoked by the Spirit. To overthrow the Bishop of Rome does not belong to anyone, but to the Lord; He alone has the Power to take from one to give to another.

Likewise the Lord cannot conflict with God. The Lord cannot armor his Servants against God. Nor can the servants create a conflict of this kinds without suffering the consequences of the satanic malignity that this case represents.

Every servant of the Lord remains a man of God and as such is subjected to the Law of all the Citizens of his Kingdom. If it is a matter of prosecuting Crime wherever the Criminal may be, welcome. It is Justice. If it is a question of overthrowing an armor by which the criminal, as a servant of the Lord, brings God to his knees, the Civil Power is there to prevent this Crime when the Spiritual Power fails.

But to invoke a Council to abolish the Papacy as Pastoral Headship by means of the rejection of the Catholic Doctrine is not a thing of God, it is a thing of Satan.

The conclusion that the Rebel Luther mounts on these three paranoias of his are attended to by brutes of intelligence, of wild reason, not at all endowed with “clear reason”. For nothing excuses that the crime of servants should be reckoned to the honor of their Lord. Especially having on the table fifteen centuries of History and many battles won for their Lord.

Without leaving aside the times of corruption of the Papacy, God, being Omnipotent and Almighty to overthrow what as Lord He raised up, instead of doing so He protected the Bride of His Son precisely with those three walls against which the kings rose up to make the Church their concubine. An unclean crime that only Satan would think of undertaking: to lie down with the Bride of the Lord. Constantine did not do it, Theodosius did not do it, Charlemagne did not do it. But as soon as the Empire passed to Germany, it was the first thing that that barbarian race, the enemy of Civilization, first of Europe, and in this 16th century of Christ Himself, was ambitious for.

So much so that in order to tear down those walls, this buffoon of the Devil’s Court could think of nothing else than to abolish the separation of State and Church that God had created. According to this German Redeemer Savior every man is king and priest, every man is bishop and duke, every man is sheep and shepherd.

Read it to believe it. The whole Work of Creation must be brought to its knees, the very God of Eternity, Creator of this Separation between State and Church, the first one to bow his head before the Devil’s Lawyer.

God separated for Himself a group of men in which the Doctrine of the Divinity has its Living Temple, and this madman comes to say that he abolishes this Creation and henceforth every man will be that Living Temple. Consequently, no one must answer for anything before anyone, for the same one who absolves others is graced to absolve himself of all the crimes he commits in the common tragedy of dragging through this Earth the body of a sinner.

“If you believe,” says the Jester, “even if you violate the Mother of Christ you are free of crime”.

The Jester was the king of the circus.

Hearing, because reading is to believe, and only a fool will believe that the vast majority of those pretty German warlords knew how to write the O even given a ring, they must have said to themselves:

“Is this fool crazy? Yeah, let be so, but Paris is worth a mass. The immense properties of the church will be the booty, who is in? Repeat, repeat to us that of the first wall:

“It is settled that the pope, bishops, priests and monks are called the ecclesiastical state; and princes, lords, artisans and farmers, the secular state. It is a subtle lie and a deception”.

Oh yeah, the Devils has spoken. Shut up you all, and you Christ, on your knees before your Lord Satan the Magnificent.

Speaking about the Second Wall, again, the hypocrisy of the Rebel is fought with a single word:

“Who do you say that I am” Jesus asked his Disciples.

And Peter jumped up, “You are the Son of the Living God.”

To which Jesus replied, “Upon this Stone I will build my Church.”

Ergo, the Papacy and the Church has only one Doctrine and there’s no room for interpretation: “You are, Jesus, the Son of the Living God”. And there is no more talking. Nor is there any space for any “but…”. The one appointed to succeed that Peter may be more or less saint, but his Doctrine is not his own, it is the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit who lives in the Christian Priesthood, his Living Temple. This Doctrine is eternal, immutable, imperishable, incorruptible, unfading, almighty and marvelous.

The sheep cannot be a shepherd. The shepherd is not the sheep. Some of us we are sons of the Lord, others are servants of the Lord himself, but we are all sons of God. And each and every son of God has to abide by the Law.

For the son to lie with his mother is incest. And this satanic crime is ultimately what the so-called Reformation sought to legitimize, and did legitimize, the sons of the Church sleeping with their own Mother.

God did not want, however, that in his madness that son of the Devil should touch the Bride of his Son. Expelled from His Presence the Rebels committed incest with the churches they gave to one another. Concealing his insanity the Devil’s servant wrote:

“The second wall is even weaker and useless. They alone want to be teachers of the Scriptures. Although during their whole life they learn nothing in them, they attribute to themselves the authority, and make us believe with shameless words that the Pope cannot err in the faith, whether bad or good, for which they cannot adduce even one letter.”

I insist, to declare war on the Lord because the crimes of his servants is to heal the pain by cutting off the head. According to this lawyer, father of a son of Hell, the third wall would fall by itself once the first two walls had collapsed, and from then on it would be the civil power that would have to pick up the hammer and demolish what had fallen.

The hypocrite once again plays the buffoon to win allies among the savages who gave him ear. He loses himself in natural bombastic phrases to a Devil’s advocate, who justifies Treason but condemns Transgression. He chokes on a gnat and swallows a plump elephant. And the German beasts were left open-mouthed.

“It’s God's work,” they repeated to each other. “Have you seen that? Unbelievable”.

Exposed the three causes that have dragged him to be the Enemy of the Work of God, for claiming the destruction of the Separation: Church - State, the German Savior throws himself directly to the neck of his prey. He signs on his own handwriting the measures which he believes should make everyone happy and rain down upon Germany not manna but partridges.

As a first measure he calls for the immediate deposition of the Papacy. And in his hypocrisy he says that the Pope should of his own accord get off the donkey and hand over the mitre to him. But since this is not going to happen, he is quick to accuse the successor of St. Peter of being the Antichrist himself.

Now, as far as those of us who know how to read know, and we not only know how to read but also we have learnt to think, the Antichrist is the one who comes to destroy the Work of Christ. The Catholic Church could put on the table 1520 years of existence, beginning with the Birth of the Universal Supreme Pontiff, Christ Jesus, in whom State and Church, King and Lord, are one and the same Person: one and the same Fact : one and the same Reality.  He is the Only Begotten Son of God. This hypocrite, saying that we are all kings and priests, says that we are all “begotten sons of God”. To analyze this insanity is to waste time.

In his Second Measure of Eternal Happiness for the Nation of the “Savage Germans” the Jester of the Devil’s Court takes off his mask and points out that he not only wants the deposition of the Pope and a council to elect a new one, to present himself in person to the Papacy, position from which he could redirect the History of Christianity to better pastures, perhaps warmer, although never as warm as those of the World Wars in which his descendants enjoyed so much throwing tens of millions of “dogs” on the stake.

The devil in a cassock asked to do away with all Cardinals and Bishops. His intention was the destruction of the Catholic Church built by the Apostles in the Name of Jesus Christ. But this was not an anti-Christian Work. Destroying the Work of Christ does not make you Antichrist.

Yes, if the Catholics were choking with a mosquito,  the Germans were the ones swallowing the elephant.

Anyway, all for Paris. A mass, just that, a mass.

And to convince the ignorant of his countrymen, the Jester paints them a picture of Renaissance Italy that looks more like Dante’s hell than the Italy of Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci…; that Renaissance, Glory and pride of Civilized Europe for whose sake the Popes of the pornocrates series had allowed themselves to be dragged to Paganism..... Unworthy servants, certainly, who in due time will answer before the Lord for their crime: for their guilt of having blasphemed his Name among the nations. But this does not and would not justify that for a sick finger the whole body be sentenced to decapitation.

In the third measure for the Happiness of the Most Holy German Nation this savior proposes the abolition of all the taxes established by the Medieval Papacy on the Christian nations.

Nothing unnatural. Spain did this without occurring to her the Destruction of the Church. The German Nation was so brutish, so savage, that incapable of giving itself a United Social Body that it could not think of anything else than to accuse foreigners of the evils they had cultivated with such passion and care in the last centuries. This is the classic response of fanatics blinded by nationalism. Luther, perfectly aware of the passion for gold of his people, he throws the hook, grabs the fish by the mouth and makes it drool, imagining the golden banquet that will be given the day after the expulsion of the Catholic Church from Germany.

Charles, grandson of Maximilian I, had just been elected Emperor of the greatest Empire the Earth has ever known. The spiritual wager without the bait of gold would have no force. That is why it says from the beginning: Lords, Grace and FORCE. It was the Hour of a New Holy War, not against the enemies of the Christian Civilization but against the Cristian World Itself. The Emperor was the King of Spain. And Spain was Catholic. To believe that they were going to seize the properties of the Church without confronting Charles V to the death... Who was the fool? Not Luther, not at all, but he confesses it to them:

“Although I am too humble to make useful propositions in order to remedy such a horrible abuse, I will continue in my role of buffoon and say, as far as my intelligence reaches, what can and should be done by the secular power or by a general council.”

Then, having skinned the goose that lays the golden eggs of ecclesiastical taxes, he reveals his plan: that the Pope be elected by the people. ... And who will be the one elected by Germany’s Holy People? .... Let’s see.

First he asks that all Cardinals, Archbishops, bishops be reduced to simple parish priests: he accuses them of being evil. Immediately he asks that the causes to be brought before the Pope should not be a trifle. And remembering the Word: “It is not right that we leave the Word of God and serve the tables. We will persist in prayer and in the ministry of the Word and put others to work” he is proposing himself to be the Pope elected by the German Nation, with the promise that he will devote himself exclusively to the things of God.

“And by God, let the things between worldly sinners be settled by the powers of this world.  Let them leave the spiritual things to him and let them keep the gold. What’s this about going to ecclesiastical courts with disputes over worldly matters?”

In his manual of petitions with which he would change religion if he were the Pope he writes a whole rosary of measures dedicated to abolishing taxes, but he immediately throws everyone off the scent by saying:

“The grave and horrible oaths which the Pope obliges bishops to take without any right whatsoever must be abrogated.”                                                                                       

He calls for the abolition of the Papacy, demands the deposition of the entire Curia, and all at once says that if he were Pope he would abolish the oath of obedience to the Papacy. The schizophrenia of this Jester was tremendous.

In his role of Jester with pontifical aspirations, he tempts Charles V with the promise of not having to kiss his feet, Pope Luther’s feet, nor to carry Pope Luther’s mule by the bridle, an invention of the Devil. The Pope’s image of himself is unworthy of Christ. Christ has no need of a Vicar in Heaven, and on Earth the Pope must be subject in all temporal things to his lord the emperor. Pope Luther’s  mission being “to forgive his Lord Emperor and absolve him of all his sins”. Amen! 

“His most faithful servant, who as pope would dedicate himself to the things of prayer, to the poor. And not dreaming with resurrecting the Roman Empire to declare himself the Emperor of Rome”.

Very funny the Jester.

“The Pope must stop meddling, nor claiming any title over the kingdom of Naples and Sicily. He has as much right to it: as I. Let him preach and pray!”

If Luther were pope, how many things he would sweep away. He would not allow anyone to kiss his little paws. Nor to be carried in a litter, or in a carriage. He would abolish pilgrimages to Rome. And not only to Rome. To Santiago de Compostela. To Jerusalem. Because:

“From there come so many beggars who, availing themselves of such a pilgrimage, commit countless villainies and learn to beg needlessly getting used to it. From there results the licentious life and other miseries that I do not want to enumerate now.”

Remove Dictators, the Tyrant is coming! The German Papabile swears before the Emperor that he will abolish all the creations of monastic orders, women monasteries… hermit’s caves are dwellings for madmen … Of the latter he knew very much.

“The Pope should be forbidden to found or approve more orders of that kind. I think this advice will be considered very foolish. More I do not care for now.”

The Jester has a snake inside him. He plays the fool to spit out his venom more forcefully. He not only calls for the cessation of monasteries and convents, except if they are under a saint, but that they all marry, as Orthodox priests do. 

“Moreover, I advise the following: whoever henceforth gets himself ordained to be a priest or to another office, must in no case promise the bishop that he will observe chastity, and must object to him that he has no authority to demand such a promise, and that to demand it is diabolical tyranny.”

The German Jester forgets that whoever becomes a priest does so freely. No one forces anyone to become a priest, and he who gets into the cassock if he sees that he cannot bear the Vow is free to hang it up. Therefore to say that:

“the Pope is responsible for all the sins that are committed against this; for all the souls that are lost because of it” it is to remove the Lord and sit himself on the throne of the Last Judgment.

Very German, indeed.

“I will not forget the poor convents either. The evil spirit, which now confuses all states by human laws and makes life unbearable for them, also took possession of some abbots, abbesses and prelates who rule their brothers and sisters in such a way that they will soon go to hell.”

His time in the convent, a life for which he had no vocation and for which he was not prepared, but was dragged into the dark cell of silence where the Devil had him at his pleasure to remodel his mind, weighed on every room of his subconscious. He hated that life. No one should have to go through that cell, how horrible! Chastity, celibacy, tonsure, silence, the solitude of the cloister, the Devil on the walls, the Devil playing with his conscience. God did not love him, God had abandoned him to his fate. Horror, the Devil is coming, aren't you the new Jesus Christ? Just tell him “Vade Retro”. Does he not obey you? Run out of the convent. Where is your problem? You have despised God and loved the Devil, your new father. He has tempted you and you have succumbed. There will be a before and an after Martin Luther. “Heil Luther.” We hear you;

“It would also be necessary to abolish anniversaries, funerals and requiem masses altogether.”

Also excommunication. To his majesty the emperor will not happen what happened to his predecessors, who were excommunicated by these servants of the Devil. Pope Martin Luther would be his most faithful dog, servant to the throne of his Satanic Majesty. Pope Luther would abolish Canon Law. Fifteen centuries to the fire.

And gentlemen, Your Majesties, all feasts will be abolished. Only Sunday will be a holiday. The other days of the year the slaves shall drag the chains.

What about loving saints, having them in our thoughts? It is an offense to God to read their works, to remember their lives, to follow their examples, to give them a corner in the temples, and in our heads. Besides, it makes the slave sick if he does not work.

“Moreover, besides this spiritual impairment, the common man suffers a double material harm. He neglects work and besides that, he spends more than in other days. He even weakens his body and makes it unfit, as we see every day.”

And neither Pope nor God has the power to prevent the civil power from abolishing all feast days.

“Every community, chapter or superiority has the power to abolish and prevent without the knowledge and will of the pope or bishop what is against God and harmful to men in body and soul.”

And who is the pope to deny a cousin to marry his cousin? Let them marry.

And the fasts. All forbidden. Freedom too?

The little chapels in the fields. All on the ground. They are places of pilgrimage...

“which the devil promotes to foster avarice, to institute false and imagined beliefs, to weaken parish churches, to increase taverns and fornication, to waste money and work uselessly.”

The Jester’s Hatred against the saints is like drool falling from his lips, he wants to control it, but it overcomes him.

“What spirit gave the Pope authority to canonize the saints, who tells him they are saints or not?”

He compares them to the idols that turned the people of Israel away from God. And he reduces love for those who preceded us and with their examples kept the faith alive in the midst of fatal events, to mere business. For the German everything is just that, business.

There is gold, there is God! NO Gold, no God!

And after the Jester dispatches his wild schizophrenia against corruption asking to cut off the head to end the pain in the neck, he raises his tone one step higher and surprises everyone by saying:

“One of the great necessities is to abolish all mendicancy in the whole of Christendom. It would be easy to eliminate them all. He who wants to be poor must not be rich. If he wants to become rich, he must put his hand to the plow and get it himself from the earth. It is enough that the poor have enough not to die of hunger and cold.”

And given that the convents were the breeding ground for the poor to keep them alive, the solution to the poverty of his time was logical:

“Suppress the convents and let them all die of hunger and cold.”

The mortality that caused the confiscation and suppression of the convents in England by decree of the his Divinity  Henry the Eight was hidden under the revolts that bloodily cut off his satanic majesty. Luther called for this measure against the Germans. It is understood that if the people had known how to read, another rooster would have announced not the Reformation but the death of this buffoon. It would not be long before they would discover the Devil behind the garments of their Jester.

“Kill them, slit their throats, all of them, like rabid dogs”.

Too late. They ran after the piper of Hell and fell into the abyss. Requiem in pacis.

Again, giving with one hand lime and with the another sand, if with one hand he calls for genocide against all the poor, with the other he fills the pockets of the rich. He calls again for the end of all ecclesiastical taxes. This is the language best understood by the petty German warlords.  And playing the Prophet, the Jester satirizes his insanity this way:

“O Christ, my Lord, look down! Bring your day of judgment and destroy the Pope’s nest in Rome! There is the man of whom Paul said he will rise above you and settle in your temple, posing as God, the man of sin and son of perdition. If the Pope is not the antichrist, let someone else tell me who he will be.”

Poor Jester! The antichrist was you. You came to destroy the Work of Christ. And that is the Antichrist, who destroys what Christ created: “the Catholic Church”.

Did you speak of Huss and his Bohemians? Who did you think you were to judge the dead? You change the subject to mislead. It is the tactic of the Devil’s advocate. Throw the stone, shout “a donkey flying,” and go and stick your hands into their souls.

“Love is worth more and more necessary than the papacy of Rome which lacks love.”

From the Jester the buffoonery. Incredible to think that to these buffooneries five million dead on the battlefield would be brought out. Those Germans, as good fathers of the others who in the 20th century terrorized the world, loved to throw themselves on the pyre of their gods. The punch line is this one coming against the Universities.

“What are universities? They lead a dissolute life. I would advise abolishing the books of Aristotle altogether. I say also that it would be good to radically extirpate canon law from the first letter to the last. Universities should educate only persons very expert in the Scriptures, who could become bishops and parish priests and serve as conductors in the fight against heretics, the devil and the whole world.”

After expatiating against the University, the Jester skips his ex-cathedra infallibility in theology and law, and becomes a historian giving a lesson to a people of brutes on the meaning of the History of the last thousand and five hundred years.


“Since the Pope could not subject the Greeks and the Emperor of Constantinople, who was hereditary emperor of Rome, according to his will, he devised a ruse to deprive him of the same kingdom and title, and give it to the Germans, who at that time were warriors and enjoyed a very good reputation, so that they could take possession of the Roman Empire and it would become a fief of their hands. And so it also came to pass that the emperor of Constantinople was taken from the emperor, and to us Germans the name and title of the emperor were transferred. Thereby we became servants of the Pope.

Although the pope violently and unjustly stole the Roman empire or the name of this empire from the rightful emperor and conferred it on us Germans, it is no less certain that in this God used the wickedness of the pope to give such a kingdom to the German nation after the fall of the first Roman empire, in order to establish another which is the one that now exists. We gave no reason in this for the wickedness of the popes, nor did we understand their deceitful intentions and purposes. Nevertheless, because of the perfidy and malignity of the pope, we unfortunately paid dearly for such an empire, with immense bloodshed, with the suppression of our liberty, with the loss and robbery of all our goods, chiefly of churches and prebends, enduring unspeakable deceit and ignominy. We have the name of the empire, but the Pope has our goods, our honor, body, life, soul and all that we possess. Thus they deceive the Germans and cheat them with bargains. The popes tried to be emperors, but when they did not succeed, they rose above them.

Since the empire was given to us by the command of God and by the intervention of evil men through no fault of our own, I will not advise abandoning it, but to govern it properly in the fear of God, as long as it pleases Him. As I said, He does not care where a kingdom comes from. He does, however, want it to be administered. If the popes unlawfully took it from others, we did not gain it unlawfully. We obtained it from wicked men by the will of God, which we respect more than the false intention, which in it the popes had, when they pretended to be emperors and more than emperors and stupefied us with that name and mocked us. The king of Babylon had also conquered his kingdom by robbery and violence. Yet God willed that it should be ruled by the holy princes Daniel, Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael. So much more does He want Christian German princes to rule this empire. It matters not that the pope has stolen it or taken it away or renewed it. All is God's order established before we thought of it.

Then the pope and his people cannot boast that they have done a great benefit to the German nation by handing over this Roman empire to it. First: their intention towards us was not good, but they abused our simplicity to strengthen their arrogance towards the legitimate Roman Emperor of Constantinople, whom the Pope displaced against God and law, although he had no authority to do so. On the other hand, the pope tried to seize the empire for himself and not for us, in order to subdue all our power, liberty, fortune, body and soul, and through us the whole world (if God had not prevented it), which he himself clearly manifests in his decretals and tried it by great wicked cunning with many German emperors. In this way, we Germans were wonderfully taught, and in the German way. While we thought to make ourselves lords, we became the servants of the most cunning tyrants. We have the name, the title and the coat of arms of the empire, but the pope possesses the treasure, the power, the right and the freedom of the empire. Thus the Pope eats the nuts and we play with the empty shells.

God help us, who, as I said, gave us such a kingdom through cunning tyrants and commanded us to rule it, that we may answer to the name, title and shield and save our freedom. Let us at once teach the Romans what through them we received from God. If they boast of having given us an empire, well, so be it! Let us administer it, and let the pope surrender Rome and all that he has of the empire, let him leave our country free from his intolerable tribute and extortions; let him restore to us liberty, power, fortune, honor, body and soul, and let the empire exist as it ought to exist, fulfilling his words and claims.

But, if he does not want to do so, why does he use feints with his false lying words and his phantasmagoria? Is it not enough to have led the noble German nation by the nose so openly for so many centuries and unceasingly? From the fact that the pope crowns or institutes the emperor it does not follow that he is above him. The prophet St. Samuel anointed and crowned kings Saul and David by divine order. Nevertheless, he was subject to them. And the prophet Nathan anointed King Solomon, but was not thereby placed above him. Likewise, Saint Elyseus had King Jehu of Israel anointed by one of his servants. Nevertheless, they obeyed him. It has never happened in the whole world that he is above the king who institutes or crowns him, except the pope.

Now, he himself has himself crowned pope by three cardinals who are subordinate to him, and yet he is above them. Why does he elevate himself above the secular power and the empire in contradiction to his own example and that of the whole world and of the use of doctrine and Scripture, by the mere fact of crowning and blessing him? It is enough that he is above him in divine things, namely, in preaching, doctrine and the administration of the sacraments. In this respect also every bishop and parish priest is above the others. Thus Ambrose was in his chair above the emperor Theodosius, and Nathan the prophet above David, and Samuel above Saul. Therefore, admit the German emperor to be upright and freely emperor, and do not allow his power and sword to be suppressed by the blind pretenses of the hypocritical popes, as if they were exempted from the sword and superior to it in every respect."

A wonder is to me that the German historians of later centuries none have raised their voices to say, “but what was that fool talking about?” Was not the Spanish Empire leading century? Where was that German Empire the  fool is talking of?

From where we can understand the complicity of the German schools with the falsification of History and their blessing to the manipulation of their minds ended up bringing to light : Adolf Hitler!, of whom this buffoon was his prophet. To such a prophet, such a god.

“With this it is enough to speak of spiritual evils. We will also point out some secular calamities.

First: a general order and decree of the German nation would be very necessary against excessive opulence and expenses in clothing, with which so many nobles and rich people are impoverished.

It would be equally necessary to diminish the spices which are also like one of the great ships that carry money out of Germany”.

And how did this Puritan buffoon propose to monkify the entire German Aristocracy?

“Greatest misfortune of the German nation is indeed the loan at interest…”

Abolishing the System on which the World Trade of that time was based. Because ....

"”The devil devised it, and the Pope harmed the whole world by confirming it.”

The Jester immediately lashes out against gluttony and drunkenness.

“A vice peculiar to the Germans.”

His table of drunken saints would later become famous for their conversations around German beer. The Jester’s hypocrisy would not fit in the barrel of his belly. And finally he claims that prostitution did not exist in Israel. But not at all! The episode of the Harlot who gave herself to Judah and is famous in the Bible does not seem to be recorded in the Canon of the German Bible. Another rhetorical trick of the Devil’s Advocate to mislead the brutes who would listen to his pamphlet. Ignorance cannot be fought with wisdom, it is a mine from which to extract the gold of fame and power. He may be a buffoon, but he is not a fool. His remedy? :

Let young people make love, let them marry, let them avoid prostitution by lounging around with each other.

Marriage is not a Sacrament, Divine. It is only a remedy against lewdness and sin.

God did not bless the union of man and woman because of the Procreative Act by which Creation and Creator become one.


On the contrary, prostitution exists because Marriage exists. If all were free to give themselves freely to all when all felt sin in their flesh, there would be no sin because there would be no restraint to temptation, and temptation is the fruit of sin, so that if there is no temptation there is no sin. The blame for all the evils of the world lies with the Pope:

“This should be the Pope's main concern.”

Do you understand me well, beloved Rome, what I mean?

And in this amusing manner closed his Declaration and Call to Holy War against the Church and the Emperor that Jester of the Devil.

"Many times I offered my writings for your trial and examination. But it availed me nothing. I also know perfectly well that my cause, if just, is to be condemned on earth and only justified by Christ in heaven. All Scripture teaches that the cause of Christians and Christianity is to be judged by God alone. No cause was ever justified by men on earth, but there was always in excess a great and strong resistance. It has always been my greatest concern and fear that my cause should go without condemnation, for in this I would certainly find that it is not yet pleasing to God. Therefore let the pope, the bishops, the priests, the monks, the monks or the learned proceed with ease. May God give us all a Christian understanding and especially the Christian nobility of the German nation a right and spiritual way of thinking in order to do what is best for the benefit of the poor Church!

Amen. Wittenberg, in the year 1520.”

The schizophrenia of this Luther was malignant to a high degree. His infallible god complex, ready to set the world on fire in order to assert his claim to the Pontificate, closed in those years of conventual imprisonment. The Skull Martin Luther, a festive student adored by his classmates and a luxury for the passion of the widow who welcomed him in her house by day and in her bed at night, came out totally reconfigured by that hidden god who tamed him to the point of transfiguring his mind into that of a schizophrenic with the syndrome of a universal nationalist savior whose truth was beyond the judgment of human beasts. He and he alone had the absolute truth. The Catholic Church was to be destroyed to its foundations, and in its place he was to build a new one, whose Faith would never be corrupted.

A difficult, arduous task, unthinkable in other times.

In those times, not only was his New Good News executable, but the Papacy was putting it to him in a hurry.  The crimes of the Popes of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries were a scandal in the eyes of God and men. Only the Sack of Rome by Charles V made all the Cardinals and their servants understand that they had stepped on the red line between Heaven and Hell. They had to back down and open themselves to the Universal Council that the nations had been demanding for the Reform of the Roman Curia. That was where the problem lay. God had raised his Spleen and unloaded his fury against that perverse Rome in which the Papacy had taken refuge to commit all the crimes for whose sake his Name was blasphemed on Earth.

Historians are wrong to interpret the Sack of Rome by Charles V as an act of Spanish malignity. Tremendous error. That coup was an act of Divine Justice. Without that Action the Papacy and its Curia would never have consented to celebrate the Council that put an end to the Perversity of the system initiated at the time of the Babylonian Captivity.

In times of madness, indeed, the Jester is king.